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Signs that tell about termite presence at home

Spring is an exciting time for people to venture outdoors when flowers start blooming, and there is an air of happiness floating around. The relief from the wintry season seems palpable in the rise of outdoor activities as people feel refreshed and rejuvenated and prepare for summer. Despite the pleasant climate and joyous environment that surrounds us, there is also some concern as the weather starts warming and there are signs of flying termites making its entry into homes and agricultural fields.

Spring is the mating time for the swarmers that get busy in establishing new colonies among which residential properties are most attractive. Termites can destroy homes silently with the owners never knowing about it until it has done enough damage. Termites remain undetected as they merrily chew through wood, wallpaper, and even flooring round the clock without any pause that can ultimately compromise with the structural stability of the home within some years depending on the termite species.

Termites cause huge damages

Termites eat up properties to the tune of $5billion every year, and you must stay alert to protect your home from termite attacks. Pest control services like Atlas Termite OKC can effectively get rid of termites from your premises. Termites not only damage properties by eating wood but also insulation, paper, books, swimming pool liners, and its filtrations systems. The garden at your home is also under threat from termites as it can injure shrubs and living trees and make a feast of woody plants that are already on the decline. When buying or selling a home, it is mandatory to seek an inspection report for termite presence on the property even though termite attacks can happen at any time. Termites not only damage property but are also quite unsightly when it swarms across the home.

Distinguishing between termites and ants

When you see a single termite flying at your home, you must know that there are colonies on your property and must take quick action for termite treatment. Be careful in identifying termites that people often confuse with winged ants which also swarm around the same time of the year. You are likely to find termites around doors and windows as the insects have an attraction for light. The looks of termites are different from ants as it has a uniformly thickened waist, straight antennae, and wings of equal size. On the other hand, ants have constricted waists with elbowed antennae, and its hind wings are shorter than the fore wings.

Signs of termite infestation

If you find swarms of termites emerging from woodpiles, tree stumps, etc. in your garden or yard, you need not to worry about its infestation at home. The termites that attack homes are different and if seen around the foundation or from protruding porches and patios then definitely you must act fast by calling for termite treatment services to get rid of the pests.

If you find mud tubes extending over the foundation walls, floor joists, sill plates, etc. it is a wakeup call for you to drive the swarmers away.

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