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How to shop for him on Father’s Day-Men’s watches

With the endless hours that your dad takes loving you, you need to spare some time and look for a good gift during the next father’s day. Father’s day is around the corner and for this reason you need to take enough time to plan and give him the best gifts in the market. Different from a tie, a suit, shoes and a powerful tool that you are thinking about, getting a good watch for him can really make him happy.

Simple said than done. Am plenty sure that it can be particularly daunting a time consuming to come up with a perfect watch gift for your father’s day celebrations but I will take this time to guide you along. In 2019, think of a good gift, a gift that means luxury, class, status, elegance and reliability such as a rolex presidential.

In the world of watches, there are as many options as there are dads in the world but you have to first of all check for something he will really love and something he will praise for the entire time. In this brief, we have compiled diverse options considering quality, class and affordability.

However, before we reach this extent, we have to spare some time to talk about what to consider when shopping for the best watch gift for your dad the coming father’s day. As a matter of fact, there are several considerations that you need to have in mind.

Consider your budget

With all the options that are available in the market today varying on the features and the price, you need to set a budget when buying a gift. You need to spare some time to structure and keep aside what you are able and willing to spend on the watch. One thing that most of the people don’t know is that quality and classic watches can range from few dollars to a couple of dollars. What this means is that you need to have a budget and eventually shop around for a watch that matches that specific budget.

Your dad’s interests

The other thing to consider is where your father will wear this watch. In most of the instances, the father has already retired and for this reason they don’t actually need an official piece. In other cases, you should take time to see when your dad wears the watch most. If he usually wears it to work, then you should give him exactly what he can wear to work.

Watch dimensions

Now here is another thing you should have in mind. There are several instances where your dad has a special love to a certain type of watch. You can get insights from the watches he owns already or some of the accessories he has on his drawer. With that in mind, get to the market and buy him exactly what he would want to see.

Don’t let Rolex price scare you away

As a matter of fact, most of the Rolex watches are priced high but you don’t have to worry about this. What am trying to means is that you shouldn’t at all cost let the Rolex price scare you. There are several cheap Rolex options that are available in the market. You can start by getting a second hand masterpiece from a trusted second hand dealer. The other thing that you should note is that the price of a Rolex watch may vary depending on the model and the condition.

Rolex watch gifts that are perfect gifts during the next Father’s day

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

For a dad that really loves Rolex watches and someone that really wants to real the historic bit of this brand name, you can get him a Rolex Oyster Perpetual. This piece has a rich history and has over the time proved to be a good gift option from luxury watches world. The watch is very accurate and reliable. It is the best option for a dad that wants to keep things simple but classic.

Rolex DateJust

This other Rolex model was introduced in1945 and has over the time been a perfect gift especially to fathers you owe and men you adore. You can opt for the iconic Rolex DateJust that is 36mm in steel and 18 karat yellow gold. It is a perfect gift for fathers with classic style.

Rolex submarine

If you notice that your father is a kid of men that usually wants to stay outside or even rock out even on misty places, then you can opt for Rolex Submarine. This model is recognized among millions of men around the globe and also remains a tool like it was designed to be even from the start. This watch has a charismatic look that appeals beyond the marine world.

Rolex GMT Master II

This watch evokes intercontinental travel and is the perfect Father’s Day gift for fathers that like spending most of their time on the plane. This watch was introduced in the market in 1955 and has over the time been one of the most functional watches in the world. Its sole purpose was to allow pilots read time between two time zones. What this means is that it has the capability to switch between time zones with ease.

Rolex Day Date 40

This is a watch like no other which forms a basis of the next father’s day gifts. It was brought in the market in the late 1950s and was recognized as the most prestigious model of the decade. It was actually universally recognized as the presidential masterpiece. This watch is classically designed and at the same time makes the look adorable. It remains one of the best gifts that you can give your dad in the next father’s day.

Rolex DayTona

Here is another perfect gift for your father. This Rolex model was introduced in 1963 and gas over the years been a good match. The watch has formed a scale of class and luxury with the professional craftsmanship. The watch has the capacity to help drivers measure the average speeds up to 400 kms or miles per hour.

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