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Barr Investigates the Investigators.Trump Strikes Back

File photo of U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appearing at a campaign roundtable event in ManchesterAfter two years of he and his family being harassed, abused and bullied by the deep state with false allegations and an inscrutable witch, hunt Trump is firing back with a vengeance and he is out for bear as the expression says. Trump is a counter puncher with a New York street fighter attitude and when you hit him, he hits back harder.

Testifying before Congress Attorney General William Barr said the Trump campaign was spied upon in2016 and the libs are furious saying Barr is off the rails. They are so blinded by hate and rage for Trump that they can’t handle the truth.

Democrats wanted to grill the Attorney General – but they never saw ‘The Barr’ coming. This morning, a big event happened. It was all over the news. Attorney General William Barr testified before Congress for the first time since he submitted his Mueller summary, and the media was all over it.

Why were they covering it so closely? Well, Democrats couldn’t wait to nail Barr over clearing Trump. They want the report NOW so they can get Trump back in the hot seat.

But boy, that just backfired on them! From Fox News: Attorney General William Barr revealed Tuesday that he is reviewing the “conduct” of the FBI’s original Russia investigation during the summer of 2016, following calls from Republicans to investigate the origins of the probe.

AG Barr listened to the demands of patriots, not Washington swamp slugs like the media does—and now he’s looking into how Obama’s FBI conducted themselves while investigating the Trump campaign. Yes investigate the investigators, You know what that means? Heads could finally roll.

AG Barr tesrifying

Rush Limbaugh commented on his radio show about Barr investigating the investigators saying And I reminded everybody of the memo that Barr wrote in the middle of the investigation saying that this whole claim that Trump had obstructed, because he fired Comey, was literally baseless.

Less than 24 hours after making those comments the attorney general William Barr has confirmed that he believed the Trump campaign was spied on at least as far back as 2016 and that he has convened, or will convene, an investigation into it. He said that he doesn’t think it’s the entire FBI that was involved, just some individuals. Well, he knows what went on, this is the bottom line here. He knows. He knows what we know.

Remember, my friends, when Trump said long ago that his wires were tapped at Trump Tower, remember how everybody started mocking Trump and laughing at him? It turns out Trump was right. And shortly after Trump made those comments, they moved the campaign headquarters out of Trump Tower after a tip that the National Security Agency head, Mike Rogers, gave Trump.”

We have learned a lot about what happened in the infamous “Summer of ’16.” The insurance policy, the Bleachbit. Hillary destroying evidence like smashing her subpoened devices and Bleach Bitting her subpoened e-mails. How Hillary and the Dems and DNC, Comey, Brennan, Clapper and others all tried to rig an election. When that didn’t work they tried to rig the investigation by changing the charges against Hillary from Gross negligence which would mean guilty of a crime to extremely careless which would mean a misdemeanor. When that didn’t work they tried to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States by framing Trump and exonerating Hillary before they investigated her. Now it’s all coming back crashing down all around them.

Oh, and James Comey’s dropped investigation into Clinton’s email server, just “out of the blue,” right before she won her party’s nomination. Many have thought for years that something fishy was going on in Obama’s FBI. But no one’s been taking hard action on it.

Not until now. According to FoxNews “Attorney General Bill Barr vowed Tuesday to release a redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report ‘within a week,’ as he pushed back at Democrats blasting him… ‘Right now the special counsel is working with us. This process is going along very well and my original timetable of being able to release this by mid-April stands,’ Barr testified. ‘From my standpoint, within a week, I will be in a position to release the report to the public and then I will engage with both chairmen of Judiciary Committees on any requests that they have.’ Barr said that he identified four areas of the report that he believed should be redacted, including grand jury material, information the intelligence community believes would reveal intelligence sources and methods, any material that could interfere with ongoing prosecutions, and information that could implicate the privacy or reputational interests of ‘peripheral players.’”

Attorney General William Barr revealed Tuesday that he is reviewing the “conduct” of the FBI’s original Russia investigation during the summer of 2016, following calls from Republicans to investigate the origins of the probe.

Barr testified before a congressional panel in what was his first Capitol Hill appearance since revealing the central findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Barr was grilled by Democrats on the handling of that summary, which stated the special counsel found no evidence of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election — but he was also questioned about the initial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants approved to surveil members of the Trump campaign.

Barr explained that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has a pending investigation into the FISA warrants and said the probe will be complete by May or June. He then confirmed he’s personally reviewing the investigation itself.

For those not familiar with the FISA warrants these were when Hillary and the DNC paid a foreign spy Christopher Steele a million dollars laundered through an opposition research firm Fusion GPS to write a phony Russian dossier on trump to get a warrant to tap Trump’s aid’s phone. This was Watergate on steroids and a violation of the law and should be investigated with people going to jail.

“More generally, I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted in the summer of 2016,” Barr testified.

The comments come after House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., said over the weekend he was preparing to send eight criminal referrals to the Justice Department this week regarding alleged misconduct by DOJ and FBI officials during the Trump-Russia investigation. It is unclear whom Nunes will refer for investigation, and what the process at the Justice Department might be.

When asked Tuesday about Nunes’ referrals, Barr said he hasn’t seen them yet, but, “Obviously, if there is a predicate for investigation, it will be conducted.”

Barr’s review could dovetail with the work U.S. Attorney John Huber has been doing. In 2017, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed Huber to review not only alleged surveillance abuses by the Justice Department and the FBI but also the handling of the probe into the Clinton Foundation and other matters.

James Comey should be pretty nervous. And if Barr finds out Comey was breaking the law and covering up for his bosses, you’d better believe Obama and Hillary are next. We can only hope, but as much as I’d like to see them in orange jumpsuits and handcuffed I’ll believe it when I see it.

No one is untouchable now that Trump is President, as long as his supporters stand with him. Hopefully, justice will be served!! There will be indictments and people will be held accountable for their actions against the country.

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