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Women In The Military: Why Diversity Is Important

Women, throughout the years, have joined and fought wars beside men. From the time of the famous “Maid of Orléans” to the women fighting in Iraq, the rapid changes to specific laws in relation to diversity has become apparent. But the inclusivity among females in the military has first been fought hard before it was welcomed with arms wide open by all chains of command in the force.

To know more about how roles have changed for women in the military, you may check Norwich University. Here, the main focus is more on gender diversity and why it is the most powerful tool in an armory.

Ability Over Gender Broadens the Recruits

The military workforce requirements are determined based on the workload required to perform essential capabilities. These capabilities can be met by means of diversity. Including women means broadening the potential pool for high-quality recruits. As long as the women applicants are qualified for the position, one’s gender is irrelevant. The training and recruitment standards can be calibrated for women. The training is now shaped to integrate women in the combat unit. When it comes to muscle attributes and physical strength, there is extra pre-training available for muscle building.

In the world of modern warfare, it takes more than just pure brute strength to advance and succeed. Gone were the misconceptions that only physical prowess is needed. Technical expertise and decision-making skills are of equal importance. And when recruits can draw from a diverse set of applicants who want to serve in the force, the benefit is a wide set of talents in the array.

Military Readiness and Effectiveness

Higher innovation and quick thinkers are both equally critical for the military either on or off the field. If there’s a limit for women, it also limits the selection of people capable of the job. It is essential to see the value and skills of everyone who wishes to serve his or her country even if it means allowing women in front line. One of the concerns raised is about pregnancy. It is highly unlikely for them to evade the job due to pregnancy if a woman has made a commitment to become active in combat. Delicate and sensitive circumstances need more interpersonal skills, which women can better handle most of the time compared to men.

The more open the force is to diversity and inclusivity, the more opportunities to get willing and committed recruits. With that, a better performing and efficient workforce can be formed. The chances of getting the best and most diplomatic soldiers to join in is high. A more diverse cross-section of genders means a new range of new skills and competencies, which is a requirement for the shifting world of modern combat.

Makes a Stronger Force

Each possesses one inherent trait an institute can benefit from, according to Air Force Maj. Gen. Patricia Rose. For her, being allowed and accepted to be her authentic self only brought added value to her as a military member and as a leader. She has achieved and accomplished essential assignments such as Mobilization Assistant to the Director of Logistics, Engineering and Security Assistance, and U.S. Pacific Command and Mission Director for the U.S. Central Command Deployment and Distribution Operations Center in Southwest Asia. She also received numerous awards such as Defense Superior Service Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with four oak leaf clusters, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and more. All of that was possible because she was recognized by her capabilities and skills, not as a woman who is openly gay. That only shows that unique background and perspectives are good in managing people and complex circumstances.

With the quality of recruits becoming extremely high by enlisting talented force based on their qualifications, diversity can be a nation’s greatest strength. Equality of opportunity is equality of results, which brings quality in the force—a force that looks like the nation it is defending.


Diversity is not a method of lowering standards in the army. Physical strength for endurance in training and the field still matters. However, as it is pointed out, other skills, in addition, can be useful in combat, too—skills that can also be delivered by women. A diverse and inclusive workplace where best talents can be fostered can help build a force that is accurately representing a nation. Obliterating the barriers to service allows everyone to protect and fight for the same nation and the same dream.

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