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What is Bullying and How to Stop it?

Are you worried that you are a victim of bullying? Do you feel that you are always at the receiving end of the verbal or physical attacks by a certain group of people? Is ‘how to stop bullying’ a question that always lingers in your mind? If you are a target of someone or a group of people frequently, then it means that you are getting bullied. Bullying is nothing but repeated use of words or actions to cause anguish or worry in you. The victims are normally bullied by people or a group who are influential and are more powerful.

One thing you need to understand is that you are not the sole victim of this human atrocity and there are many like you out there. Well, this is an article that will show you how to prevent bullying. You will be able to find elaborate details on the ways to stop bullying. You can use these tips to help others who are suffering from the same distress. You can even go through a wide range of bullying essays to gain knowledge about this terrible act.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is a repeated unwanted or unruly behavior that is made with the intention of causing emotional and physical hurt and distress on young people, normally the school children. The threatening starts in school and can also be seen in colleges and workplaces. The religion, gender, race, or sexual orientation might be some of the reasons why people are bullied by individuals or a group of powerful people. This is what you will find in many of the argumentative essays on bullying from professional writers from essay writing service. A person can be bullied anywhere like in school, on the school bus, during the sports activities, at lunchtime, etc. The many forms of threatening include bantering, calling names, verbal threats, physical attack, cyber-threatening, etc.

National Statistics of threatening in America

  • 28% of the students between 6 and 12 grades have been victims of harassment.
  • 30% of young people have agreed to be involved in harassing.
  • 70% of the youth have admitted to seeing harassment in schools.
  • 15% of high school students are victims of cyber-threatening.
  • 45% of the middle school students have experienced name-calling harassment.

Types of Threatening

The following are some of the common types of harassment that young people undergo.

  • Physical Harassment

This involves physical damage or damage to the person’s possessions. The different physical abuses include spitting, kicking, punching, breaking the victim’s valuables or things, pushing, mean and rude hand gestures, etc.

  • Verbal Harassments

Most often than not, you will find verbal abuse to be a common form of harassment. This is seen as the topmost type of harassment in any research paper about bullying. They include teasing, calling out foul names, sexual commenting and texting, provoking, verbal harm threats, etc.

  • Sexual Harassing

These are crude, harmful, repeated, and humiliating comments and actions are done on the person sexually. These commonly feature in most of theargumentative essays about bullying, which reveal the whole essence of bullying. They include vulgar hand gestures, showing off pornographic materials, showing sex toys, touching the private parts without the victim’s consent, calling vulgar names, etc.  

  • Social Harassing

This is also known as relational harassing, and it is done with the sole intention of causing hurt to the victims’ relationship or reputation. It includes false rumor spreading, hurting publicly, neglecting the victim during play or on purpose, asking other children to not be friends with the victim, etc.

How to Prevent Harassing?

If you have gone through harassment essays, then you will come across plenty of tips on how to identify threatening and prevent it from happening. What is bullying essay will highlight everything and anything you need to know about harassment and threatening. There is a role for the teachers, kids, and their parents in preventing threatening in schools. The following are the important tips that should be put to practice to prevent the school harassments that children face.

Make Kids be Aware of Harassment

If kids are given awareness of harassing, then they will be in a better position to recognize it. The children must be encouraged to share their harassment experience or their friend’s harassment incident with trusted adults in the school. They must be taught to say ‘stop’ directly to the bullying person and must also walk away from the area when they sense harassments.   

Open up the Communication Channels

The basic outline about bullying prevention is to open up a communication channel between the kids and their parents, teachers, or caregivers. The children must feel free to communicate to you all that is happening in the school. It is a very good idea for the parents to talk to the children about their day in school every day. You can ask them about lunchtime activities, who are sitting next to them, what good and bad, happened in school today, etc., to get the kids to speak out.


To sum up, it is very evident that school children must be given advice and guidance on the outline of bullying and why they need to be vigilant at school. The parents need to be the ones who educate their kids about these problems in school. They must be communicating every day with the children to learn about the things that happen in school. This is one of the main things that is seen in most of the bullying essays.

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