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TraceFree Solves The Online Privacy Problem

Big Tech, Internet providers and cybercrooks can’t sell, share, or steal what they cannot see

While browsing, your device interacts with numerous websites and data gathering agencies. You have no control over what info is being divulged, who is seeing it or sharing it, and most importantly, how it is being used against you. In addition, if your personal data isn’t being sold, there are plenty of cyber criminals who are continually trying to get on your device to steal your passwords and credit card info.

What most surfers don’t know, is that the so called “private” browsing solutions (Virtual Private Network VPN, private browser, Tor) do NOT keep your device from interacting with websites and therefore you are NOT private or secure.

Introducing TraceFree, the very first private cloud browser.

TraceFree is a browser that runs in the cloud, and NOT on the device. Users can surf the Web without their device EVER interacting with any website.

The user’s device is NEVER exposed or revealed during a browsing session, thereby providing COMPLETE security and privacy.

Cloud provider speed = FAST

Browse with a state of the art computer on a VERY FAST fiber-optic network. There is no bandwidth throttling. You are using the same “pipe” the cloud provider uses. Most of the time the speed of TraceFree far exceeds what your current provider gives you.

You CANNOT get a virus while browsing = SECURE

Yes, that is absolutely true!

Because the browsing session is contained on the server in the cloud, and never on your device, there is NO CHANCE of getting a virus. Major banks and the Department of Defense are switching from the antiquated and unsecure VPN and adopting the cloud browser to protect their networks.

A way to imagine this is how the military is often able to keep a soldier out of battle by using a remote military drone.The drone operator is ALWAYS secure versus even the most protected soldier in the field.

With TraceFree, the user can see everything the server in the cloud sees when browsing, but their device is NEVER in actual battle.

Feel extremely confident knowing that every site you visit and every online transaction you make is completely secure.

Your personal info can never be sold or shared = ANONYMOUS

When a website cannot identify you, you can never be correctly profiled.

Websites interact with the server and see the identity and location of the server in the cloud, NEVER your device. You are ALWAYS anonymous on every site. That means your browsing is never identified to you.

No way to be profiled = UNBIASED

With each browsing session you start with a cookie free browser. Your past browsing and your identity are never revealed.

With TraceFree, information like your zip code, make of your device, favorite sites, prior searches, WiFi locations, party affiliation, email contacts, banking info, Amazon purchases, Facebook friends, etc can NEVER be used against you when browsing. You get unbiased browsing with EVERY session.

Nobody will know where you go = TRACEFREE

Even your own device won’t be able to tell where you browsed.

All browsing evidence stays on the server in the cloud and not on your device. That includes cookies, viruses, malware and the actual sites you visited. There is never any evidence to delete. Someone could look at your device and they would not be able to tell where or when you browsed.

You can finally be completely secure and anonymous on the Web, it is called being TraceFree….because it IS.

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