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The Loony Left Should Insure A Trump Win In 2020

TrumpTrain Trump should win a second term easily with the way the Democrats are eating their own

The way the left is wanting this new green deal, the fact that they are at war with Jews, white men, life and faith,  their double standards! The fact that they look right at you and lie to your face! Over the past two years, we have been exposed to the democrats lies, misdeeds and corruption on a weekly basis! Democrats have not one thing to offer the American people other than:

  • the new green deal that will cost 93 trillion dollars!
  • Raise our top tax bracket to 70%
  • open our borders to everyone! openly call for violence on any one that is not with them!
  • protect  illegals over American citizens!
  • take our guns!
  • get rid of cows
  • and so much more

It hurts to think about what the Democrats want to do for us!

I will not vote for them and I see Trump having a landslide win in 2020 all because Democrats only want power over the people and will say and do whatever it takes to gain power over us.

Liberals want to replace working families with their new voter base: the illegals, but what we are seeing right now all over America is the people standing up and saying no more.

  1. We have states standing up for the 2nd amendment, 17 so far
  2. We have one state so far standing up for life !
  3. We see the #walkaway gaining ground and many people are leaving the Democrats!
  4. The Jewish voters are not happy with Omar and Pelosi and there is a movement started to leave the democrats !
  5. Black and Hispanic voters are waking up and finding that they have been lied to and used for decades and are starting to pull away.

Dems use the race card every chance they can, pomp fake news! They also want to add justices to the Supreme Court and stack the court. They are leaving California in a hurry also. Taxes are too high & RENT IS CRAZY. The unhinged democrat party is falling apart and has to rebuild


Socialism is a fad that never seems to want to disappear no matter how many times it’s been shown to destroy any culture that adopts it failed policies! It is guaranteed that incrementalism will be the demise of what happens to this country because as the older generation disappears from existence, the public schools keep cranking out everybody’s a winner that deserves a participation award that dissolves the need for self-respect because why should they work when freebies are waiting to be handed to them with no effort on their part! The Green New Deal as suggested by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez promises money and vacations to anyone who doesn’t want to work or can’t work and to do away with all fossil fuels in ten years or the world will end. That includes getting rid of cars, trains and planes and cows. How will we get to Europe or Asia or Australia? How will we carry out international trade deals we depend on? Who can afford an electric car which is what they want with charging stations all over the country. And the loony left says conservatives use scare tactics??? The Democrats have lost their minds on things big and small.

Now Elizabeth Warren is calling for the end of the electoral college and The 2020 Democrat presidential candidate says every vote should matter. Yes, they want all illegals to vote, all convicted felons to vote and now 16-year-olds. What if you want o vote for Donald Trump? No, you can’t do that which is why they want to keep him off the ballot in N.J. and now Washington State until he shows his taxes for the last ten years. Well, we’re waiting for Nancy Pelosi to release her taxes for the last ten years and showing the illegal dealings she and her husband are doing with their companies on the side that hire illegals.


I guess Elizabeth Warren thinks all they need is votes from liberal democratic states like Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Calif.  So why the need for the Electoral College and people’s votes in the rest of the states like Middle America.  If we got rid of the college the little state in the middle of the U.S. would be ignored and the main powers of the vote would be from the states with the largest amount of legal voters.  The majority of the Democratic voters are in California and New York and the rest of the west coast and east coast and outnumber the middle of the country and wouldn’t be fair to them. The large cities would control the rest of the country. The left wants to get rid of our president and change the rules to game unfairly the vote to power!  This all stems from the fact that they lost in 2016 when Hillary got the popular vote and Trump got in because of the electoral vote. If it was the other way around they wouldn’t be calling for an end to it. Now Beto O’Rourke is calling for an end to it also. “If we really want everyone to vote, to give them every reason to vote, we have to make sure their votes count and go to the candidate of their choosing. So I think there’s a lot of wisdom in that,” he said.

The republican basis of the Electoral College stems from the Constitution. When the founders of the United States set out to secure a system of political representation, many among them feared mob rule. Elections based on representative blocks of votes would implement checks within the system. The Framers took into consideration that large numbers of regional candidates could appeal to the interests of various select groups, and thus the populace could be divided widely, and disturbances in the succession of power could ensue. They surmised that Congress should have the power to settle issues that are not resolved in a popular election, and thus they created the Electoral College. As a contributor to this system, Alexander Hamilton said that it made sure “the office of President will seldom fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” Rogue politicians, riding any waves of popular sentiments, would need to meet a higher approval before their election. The Electoral College thus ensured an orderly transfer of power, especially in the two-party system that the United States developed.

Warren recently claimed to be in support of a congressional commission to address reparations for slavery and the “impact of discrimination” on “generation after generation.” “America was founded on principles of liberty and freedom and on the backs of slave labor. This is a stain on America and we’re not going to fix that. We’re not going to change that until we address it head-on, directly. And make no mistake, it’s not just the original founding, it’s just what happened generation after generation. The impact of discrimination handed down from one to the next means that today in America, because of housing discrimination and employment discrimination, we live in a world where the average white family has $100, the average black family has about $5. So I believe it’s time to start the national full blown conversation about reparations in this country”

Again Elizabeth, nobody living today was a slave or owned a slave. Besides, why should we pay for something we didn’t do to someone who wasn’t there?

All these Dem candidates running so far want open borders, eliminate oil, gas, cars, planes, and cows and nobody is vetting them just like they did with Obama. They are just cheering them on as they want to turn this country into something it was never meant to be. As Benjamin Franklin responded when asked what kind of country America is, “a Republic, if you can keep it.”

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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