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Privilege and Leftist Hate-Crimes

Jussie Smollett has been freed of charges, and the record of his hate crime against white conservatives has been expunged as though it never even happened.

The photos of the men hired by Smollett who pretended to beat him, taken as they bought the red hats and the rope used to pretend to lynch him, never happened.

The hours of police time used to investigate the crime Smollett claimed to have happened, hours stolen from the citizens of Chicago who are already being deluged with crimes that are going unsolved in a Democrat-run sanctuary city, never happened, and it’s uncertain what those police officers did while we all thought they were spending time on the case of an innocent, gay, black man who had been beaten by white Trump supporters.

There have been events too numerous to mention where blacks have claimed to have been mistreated or have their property destroyed by racist whites, which later turned out to be false claims, but this case of hate, the pretend hate of white misconduct, and the real hate of Smollett’s racist, leftist actions, will never be added to that list, because it never happened.

Someone in power in Chicago or Illinois sprang Smollett and he will never be punished for his crime against all Trump supporters. Were they pressured by Jesse Jackson? One of the Obamas? Kamala Harris? George Soros? Some corrupt person with influence in the Democrat party in Illinois may have issued the order, just like a general in some sh*t-hole country in Central America might issue an order to get rid of a problem, and the serfs in the Illinois swamp marched to that order and brought America one step closer to itself being a third world, banana republic where only the privileged and the powerful get special treatment. This phenomenon is exactly what the Socialist left always does to nations it gets its claws into: it destroys them by massive corruption.

If our federal government doesn’t make an issue of this travesty and have the United States Attorney General investigate Illinois to the point of tearing it to pieces to find the people responsible for this hate crime, kind of like the actions taken by Eric Holder after the racist events in Ferguson, Missouri, then our nation may not survive it. And especially after the last two years of the FBI, the FISA court and the corrupt Department of Justice spying on and persecuting our president because Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for a Dossier that falsely claimed collusion on the part of the duly elected president, then I hope there is a God in heaven, because we’ll sorely need Him.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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