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PMP Certification Training in Chicago

A PMP certification can expand your skills and enhance your job opportunities. It can help you land lucrative roles in almost every promising industry be it IT or manufacturing. A successful certified PMP professional will report better performances and steep salary rises.

What is PMP

To be very exact, Project Management Professional (PMP) is a certified course offered by PMI that is Project management Institutes, which has become a widely recognized criterion to work as a project manager. PMP certification is the demonstration of a person’s knowledge, experience and skills which are required to lead and direct projects.

PMP signifies that you have entered the global market, where you can easily understand and speak the global language of marketing and trade. This easily helps you to connect to a community of professional and expect from the world beyond. PMP certification helps you to get a job, keep a job, and earn a worthwhile salary.

PMP Certification in Chicago

PMP being an essential professional requirement, every person aspiring for higher salaries and worldwide recognition should go for a professional PMP certification. A PMP certified can be an asset for a company. Every employer nowadays has made PMP certification as a basic criterion for promotion to the post of project manager. This course is best suited for:

  • Team leaders and Team Managers
  • Software Developers
  • Associate managers
  • Assistant managers

Skills Gained

PMP certification is an entirely different experience of learning and managing the skills that a person has from the beginning. Though considered as a bit difficult and expensive task, it is worth the time and money it consumes.

This develops in you a flexible approach towards handling tricky projects and provides you with a toolkit of information by which you can enhance your working strategies and techniques. Moreover, it helps a project manager to deliver the project in time and within budget by using his experience to guide his workforce. A PMP professional also has the skills to manipulate and make people believe in their calibre to bring the best out of their services and to meet the exact requirement of their projects.

Prerequisites for Certification

As this project requires a person to engage in conversation with well-qualified and experienced people from across the world, there are a certain set of requirements that a person needs to fulfill for being a certified PMP professional.

Educational Qualifications of an aspirant in certification includes a minimum of secondary level of education or equivalent which may go as high as graduation and post graduation degree. There are added requirements in experience as per your qualification:

  • If you are a secondary level qualified person then you should have an experience in Project management for at least 5 years, which decreases to 3 years for a graduate or postgraduate person
  • For a secondary level qualified, the experience includes a minimum of 7500 hrs of leading and managing project which goes down to 4500 hrs for the latter.

Whereas, these experiences in managing projects does not necessarily include the active management of the project. The role of a person may vary from a supervisor to a junior team manager.

How Much A PMP Does Costs You?

Becoming a certified PMP is neither an easy nor a cheap task. When people think of the PMP certification, they think of only the expenses linked with the exam fee and which in itself is a huge amount.

The fees for taking the exam are in itself very high and relaxation is given to the people who have taken a membership. Becoming a member may lower down your fees from $555 to $405.

It is a must to state that one can attempt the exam three times in total, depending upon his choice of taking a computer or a paper-based test. Every re-examination takes $375 as additional charges, whereas, a member has to pay only $275 for the same.

Perks of PMI Membership

PMI membership, as expected is not free of cost and is linked with a fee of $129 and a joining fee of $10. This membership undoubtedly, lowers down the examination fees for the aspirants but in total saves only $11.

Additional benefits of a PMI member include the free downloading facility for PMBOK, whereas non-members have to pay a cost of $50 on Amazon for the same.

Training Cost

Before taking a PMI exam, one has to go through a minimum training session of at least 35 hours which further adds to the expense. It is up to the choice of the interested person to choose among online course, instructor-led course or classroom course. There are varying charges according to the course you choose. Classroom courses vary from $200 to $2,500, instructor-led course can cost for about $1,000 to $2,000 whereas online courses can be as affordable as $500.


No doubts, one can easily get the required knowledge for clearing the certification from PMBOK. But, referring other books as a student fond of achieving higher grades will be useful and will guide you with the aspects you need to carry with yourself into your career. They too come at varying costs from $40 to $100. It is always said to go through some sample papers and practice tests available online, these test series available online may cost from $60 to $100.

Passing the Exam: Is It Enough?

And, if you are thinking that passing the exam will end the expenses, then you might be wrong. After passing the exam you need to get your credentials renewed every three years, or else you’re passed PMP examination will not take you too far. This renewal is also a chargeable process for which you need to pay $150 every three years to keep yourself updated.

PMP certification undoubtedly has its own perks. The extended market exposure that it provides would cover up all the expense that you need to make before your final certification. You will never have to regret the decision you have made to get yourself PMP certified

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