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An Ultimate Guide to Buy Prescription Lenses and Frames Online

Today, it is usually far easier, as well as less expensive, to buy every little thing on the internet and have it delivered to your home. When you are considering buying new eyewear on the internet, you should research the offers completely to make certain that you receive lenses and frames that will meet your needs.

With a little groundwork on sellers, as well as the correct lens prescription from the doctor, you will certainly be able to find a pair of eyeglasses online at a cost-effective price tag.

1. Choosing The Eyeglass Frames

Check The Frame Size

You will have three numbers mentioned inside on the arms of your frames.

From left to right the numbers are bridge width, temple length, and lens width. In some cases, there’s a fourth number that’s lens height:

  • The number referring to the frame size is in millimeter.
  • Lens width means the horizontal size of both lenses at widest point.
  • Bridge width is actually the particular length between the 2 lenses exactly where the frame sits on the nose.
  • Temple length describes the size of both arms from the tip to the screw that sits behind the ear.
  • Lens size is the vertical length of the lensat widest point. This particular measurement is useful to buy bifocal or progressive.

Choose Frames That Suit Your Face and in A Neutral Color

Choose frames that set your eyes at a center point of the lenses. The bridge of the frames should be flat against your nose and sit comfortably. Select a color that suits your face, but do not forget that neutral colors can go with more clothing.

Try On the Frames Physically Before Buying Them Online

Some sites offer to send frames to test before you decide to purchase them. Find a website with this particular option, or try to look for the same eyeglass frames that you want to buy in a brick-and-mortar store to try them on.

Speaking of online optical stores, Firmoo gives you the liberty to choose your frames that fit easily on your face. You can rely on this website for a huge assortment of optical items from the latest eyewear style to the retro classics that never go out of fashion. Firmoo takes great pride in itself in offering the customers superdeals and ensure a pleasant shopping experience.

Check The Refund Policy ofthe Site Before You Buy Frames

You should understand the refund policy of the website you want to buy your frames from frames. Try to buy from a website that offers a full exchange or refund within thirty days of the purchase. Make sure that you are sending your frames in the original packing and they shouldn’t be damaged or broken, otherwise your purchase would not fall into the refund policy of any company.

Make Sure That Frames Fit Right On Your Face

Try the new frames on to make certain they are not too loose or tight, and that you like the design and style. You cansend them back for replacements or adjustments in case there are any issues. If the problem is very minor, for instance, if it is related to screwing it tight or loose, then you can visit your near brick and mortar shop to fix it, as fixing this minor issue could make you wait longer or for days to receive it back.

2. Buying Prescription Lenses

Get The Right Prescription from The Eye Doctor Before You Buy Lenses

It is very important to provide as much information regarding the prescription to online stores as you possibly can to make sure you get the right lenses. Get an up-to-date copy of the prescription from the doctor so that you get all the numbers handy. If you are a bit doubtful that your eye vision has been changed as time passes, then you better have your doctor check your eyes thoroughly and suggest you a new eyesight number.

Understand The Prescription Before Ordering New Lenses

The prescription may have lines labeled “OS” or “OD” which mean “left eye” and “right eye.” You’ll also have columns with words and abbreviations that identify the way the lenses ought to be cut:

  • SPH or Sphere is the particular level of correction for fixing far or nearsightedness in the eyes.
  • CYL or Cylinder means lense power for fixing astigmatism in the eyesight.
  • Axis is usually a number from 1-180 that shows the alignment of astigmatism. If you don’t have astigmatism, the prescription will not have this number.
  • A prism is usually a number that signifies the level of prismatic power required for accurate alignment in the eyes.
  • Base identifies the path of the base of your lenses with respect to the face, nose, and ears.

Provide The Prescription Points to The Website and Buy Your Lenses

Provide all your prescription points with great care, and double check all the numbers! Several online lensesstore may even require a picture of the prescription to be extra certain that they get the information right.

It is easy to make typing errors while you enter details into any online purchase form, and one mistake while you buy lenses can completely change the prescription! You should be extra cautious before you click the “submit” button on any information.

Try On Your Lenses to Ensure They Work Effectively

Set the new lenses in the frames and try the eyeglasses on to check the way you see through them. Take the new eyeglasses to the eye doctor in case you have any issues seeing through them so they can easily check your prescription.

If you feel that a little something is off about the lenses, check with the website you purchased them from first, to make certain that they delivered the right ones. If all the numbers are the same you provided, then have your eye doctor check them toevaluate and find out exactly what the problem is.

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