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4 Things To Consider When Shopping For Ecommerce Platforms

E-commerce platforms have been the bridge between customers and increased sales for many online businesses. Most entrepreneurs and firms with product offerings are establishing online stores to tap into the huge customer base.

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The e-commerce platform you choose determines the kind of results you’ll command in terms of traffic, customer retention, and conversions. This then means that your business’ success will greatly depend on how effective e-commerce platform you work with is.

To help you make the right choice that will positively impact your business, here are 4 things to consider when shopping for e-commerce platforms:

1.    Security

With cases of online hacking, theft, and cybercrime being constantly reported on a daily basis, most people are concerned with how secure their personal information is while shopping online. Banking details such as debit and credit card numbers and passwords are so important and shoppers want the assurance that this information is safe as they shop on your site.

It is therefore very important that you choose an e-commerce platform that has strong safety measures in place to protect shoppers from cyber attacks. Ensure that the platform is PCI compliant and SSL certified for maximum security.

2.    Reliable Payment Gateways

Go for an e-commerce platform that has reliable payment gateways in order to keep your online business profitable at all times. How you run your business is what will determine the payment gateway you choose.

Whether your preference is to have a merchant account or a Payment Service Provider (PSP) handling payments on your behalf, the e-commerce platform you go for should be compatible and sync well with whichever payment gateway option you choose. The payment process should be easy, stable, and secure.

3.    A Friendly User Experience

One of your main goals when setting up an online store is that customers visiting your site will have a good experience. This, therefore, calls for you to pick an e-commerce platform that offers a customer friendly user experience. Frankly speaking, the number of conversions you get banks greatly on the kind of experience that customers have on your site.

A small flaw in the design of an e-commerce platform can cost you a great deal. Choose an ecommerce platform with features such as easy navigation, a search tab, category pages, filters, and an easy checkout.

4.    Provision For Integration

E-commerce platforms don’t run alone. They require to be integrated with other software, plugins, and applications in order to function effectively. Before settling for an ecommerce platform, you need to check on the integration options it has as well as its compatibility with the different programs and applications that you need for the smooth running of your online business.

Check on how well the platform integrates with other third party programs such as content management systems, shipping apps, email marketing tools, geolocation, tax management, enterprise management, and customer reward programs.


With these 4 pointers, you’ll be able to pinpoint and select the best e-commerce platform for your online business. You, however, need to have a website with an excellent ecommerce web design that is responsive to ecommerce platforms.  

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