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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) Denies Being Person in KKK Robes or Blackface but He Admitted to Darkening His Face for Michael Jackson Skit

Virginia Governor Ralph “c**nman” Northam (D) is fighting for his political survival after the racist past of his is coming back to haunt him. (BBC)

Virginia Governor Ralph “c**nman” Northam (D) held a press conference as pressure grows on him to resign after the 1984 yearbook from his medical school where he was nicknamed “c**nman” it showed on his page someone in KKK robes and someone in blackface, he first admitted it was him in one of them, but then at the press conference he denied that he was in either one.

As the scandal began there was speculation from people such as former Republican strategist Ali Alexander that some of Ralph Northam’s friends would take the fall and claim that they were the ones in Northam’s yearbook photo, but Northam has now admitted to “darkening his skin” in a skit where he was Michael Jackson.

Northam has remained defiant and is fighting the calls of most of his party to resign and has vowed to regain the shattered trust of the voters of Virginia.

Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax who would take over if Ralph Northam is to resign, slammed the photos of Ralph Northam’s yearbook page but has stopped short of saying he should resign as governor.

The scandal regarding Governor Northam’s racist yearbook leaves many questions to be answered as the Gillespie campaign didn’t find or use the photos, and Dan Bongino admitted he had the yearbook last year but didn’t share it costing the Virginia congressional seats of Dave Brat, and Scott Taylor.

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