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I remember when YouTube was relevant

I remember when YouTube was relevant.

The popular videos were the top movie trailers, significant political figures and most read news stories, but now, YouTube’s “Popular Right Now” list is full of crap.

The list is now topped with “Will Smith’s Meme Review”, some dude standing still for 24 hours, a Mom and daughter reunited at Walmart, and someone who tried to make Japanese pancakes. Who watches this crap?

I used to use their “Popular Right Now” list to understand pop culture, news stories I might have otherwise missed and Americana that I had failed to capture. That’s not what YouTube is anymore. Now, its just lame videos meant to entrance a bored generation.

Learning is no longer a goal. News is something that YouTube seems to avoid. Culture is politically correct at best and centrally-guided at worst on their platform.

YouTube used to be about learning, but now, they are about shaping. Be careful what you watch there and never pay attention to their “popular” lists – they have become little more than an opiate for the masses.

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Rich Mitchell

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