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Globalists Panic as Ukrainian Populist Outsider Surges in Presidential Election Polls

Globalist media and institutions are in full-blown panic mode after a surge in the popularity of an outsider comedian Vladimir Zelenskiy.

Ukrainians have every right to be angry with Russia over the many atrocities committed against the Ukrainian people especially in the Soviet times. In 2014, a year before elections were set to be held, the admittedly corrupt President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown in a violent revolution. After the revolution, unsavory people took the reigns of power such as the neo-nazi Svoboda party whose leader was expelled from Viktor Yushchenko’s government over his vicious antisemitism and anti-Russians (not the government but ethnic Russians and Russian speakers in Ukraine). The severe problems of corruption, mismanagement, plundering of wealth, resources and being forced to take loan after loan from globalist institutions, these issues have gotten worse in Ukraine. Ukrainians were victims of exploitation by globalist forces who didn’t care at all about providing them a brighter future, and sadly life satisfaction has plunged even more among Ukrainians since the Maidan Revolution.

Vladimir Zelenskiy is a young charismatic outsider a comedian, screenwriter, and actor who went into politics after seeing governments Pro Russian and Pro-Western make life worse for Ukrainians, as they steal more and more money, they plunge the wealth that Ukrainian people could have but is stolen by corrupt parliamentarians, bureaucrats, and oligarchs.

Zelenskiy is the star on a popular TV series called “Servant of the People” in which he is a former history teacher a political outsider who wins the Ukrainian Presidency and then upon taking power viral videos show him ranting about the extensive corruption in the Government and the Parliament. There is a scene in the series where he, as freshly elected President, fantasizes about firing two assault-rifles on the full chamber of Parliament where corrupt MPs block his reasonable proposals. It is only a TV series but the issue really spoke to the frustrations so many Ukrainians feel about the state of politics in their country. Most Ukrainians are decent hardworking people who want to earn a good living and provide a better future for their kids, and that has become very hard with the political elites on both sides of the divide in the country. The thing to understand about this series Zelenskiy writes large amounts of the scenario.

The clearest item on his agenda is one which seeks to enforce the rule of law and bring justice against all of the criminal oligarchs and corrupt politicians, parliamentarians and bureaucrats who steal from the Ukrainian people, who exploit the country, and who stand in the way of Ukrainians seeking the better future they deserve. He has made it an important goal of his “Servant of the People” Party to make sure it is filled with political outsiders, ordinary people who go into politics not to steal the wealth of Ukrainians, but to serve for the good of a country who needs good people and then go back to private life when the service is done. He is a man of integrity and a ferocious warrior against corruption, and no amount of media attempts to smear him for doing business in Russia can change his record. It is shocking for liberals and neocons but doing business in Russia doesn’t make you a bad person.

Vladimir Zelenskiy wants to return to a more balanced act foreign policy as he doesn’t support joining unions which strip Ukraine of sovereignty meaning EU and NATO membership under his Presidency are off the table, and it will be very good for a scenario on a return to peace, and it will help Ukraine much more to remain outside of the EU to conduct its own trade policy, trade with the world on terms which are best for Ukrainian industries, and to conduct a truly independent foreign and domestic policy.

Zelenskiy has been very skeptical over the constant loans being given from the IMF to Ukraine as the country loses more sovereignty and the economy continues to fail for ordinary Ukrainians, he understands no country can thrive and always be indebted and dependent on aid from others and especially from those who put it this way aren’t exactly pure in their intentions.

Vladimir Zelenskiy’s ideas are the best for a unified Ukraine as he has stood against the severing of cultural ties with Russia as he wants the question of the cultural ties to be left to the people meaning the western and central Ukrainians will have nothing to do with it and the Southern and Eastern Ukrainians will be all for it. He has stood strongly against the attacks on the protection of the Russian language, as well attacks on the rights of Russian speakers. Ukraine is linguistically and culturally divided and for such a nation to be peaceful and have cohesion you can’t try to wage attacks on the other culture and language as it is a recipe for catastrophe.

The TV star and comedian has said if he becomes President he is prepared to sit down with Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as separatist forces, to work to negotiate a solution to the end of the war in Donbass and the annexation of Crimea. Contrary to media spin all Zelenskiy is trying to do is seek to regain consensus with the Eastern and Southern Ukrainians who are Russian speaking and who are much closer with Russia than the west. No one in the US the EU the western media has ever sought to ask in the Ukraine crisis how does Ukraine reach a deal which bridges the severe divisions in the country? Zelenskiy has done this and he realizes that his country should have a balanced foreign policy and within Ukraine, regional governments have more autonomy. Also, Zelenskiy says any compromise he makes with Putin the people would then vote on.

There haven’t been many economic policy details from Mr. Zelenskiy but at the heart of the economic proposals are the cracking down on corruption which costs nearly 9 billion dollars a year or 6% of the GDP of the entire economy.

The globalists have started to throw endless amounts of mud at Vladimir Zelensky but nothing ever sticks as he now leads the polling in the first round of voting, against Yulia Tymoshenko, incumbent President Petro Poroshenko, and Opposition leader and old guard leader of the Russia friendly faction in Ukraine Yuriy Boyko. An anti-establishment populist comedian has surged to leading against the political heavyweights on the Maidan and the Pro Russia factions of Ukrainian politics.

A Zelenskiy victory would be an amazing thing for the Ukrainian people who deserve better than a failing economy, corrupt elites stealing the money of the Ukrainian people making life far worse for the people, and who deserve peace that is beneficial for all sides. If Zelenskiy wins that would be absolutely devastating for the globalists, but also for the deep state and the military-industrial complex who seeks constant division and war in Ukraine when the people deserve peace. The Ukrainian people deserve peace, growth, and justice against the politicians who ruined for so long the potential in Ukraine.

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