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Do You Know How to Prepare for Cisco 300-135 Exam?

Gaining a certification is a good way to prove that you have enough competence in a particular IT area. However, your certification must be reliable in order to influence your career positively. Cisco is one of the most reliable and popular IT vendors. Cisco certification can undoubtedly help you get better salary and job. This article is about the CCNP Routing and Switching and CCNP Security certificates and exams. We are going to focus on Cisco 300-135 exam and the ways to prepare for it.

CCNP Routing and Switching

Many companies nowadays depend on the work of internal networking systems. This fact increases the importance of the CCNP Routing and Switching certificate as more and more organizations need to have specialists who can maintain and manage networking systems. To earn the credential, you have to pass three exams, which are 300-135, 300-101, and 300-115. Before attaining this certification, you must have at least a year of practical experience. Besides, you should earn the associate-level credential (CCNA Routing and Switching) or have a valid CCIE certification ExamSnap.

Cisco 300-135 exam

This test checks whether candidates have required skills in performing and planning regular maintenance on complex enterprise switched and routed networks. They also must be good at using ITIL-compliant approach and technology-based practices to perform troubleshooting. Candidates try to answer from 15 to 25 questions within 2 hours. The questions are dedicated to 6 topic areas. They comprise Network Principles, Infrastructure Services, Layer 2 Technologies, VPN Technologies, Layer 3, and Infrastructure Security. Layer 2 and layer 3 technologies both cover 80% of the test. This means that you should pay special attention to these topics during your preparation. However, it is important to mention that some other topics may also appear in the exam and you should check the official Cisco website to know about the updates. The candidates must know Japanese or English to write the exam. The registration is available at Pearson VUE.

How to be prepared?

Understand your learning pattern

Individuals are different and so is their study habit. The fact that a person is studying in a particular manner does not mean you will have an effective study session when you use the same pattern. It is essential that you understand the way you learn. There are some students who do their best with self-paced study. They prefer to study on their own rather than taking courses or studying in group. If you don’t learn well in this manner, do not attempt to use it for your exam preparation. Understand yourself and know how best you learn. If you think taking training courses will give you an effective exam preparation, then by all means, register for a training course and dedicate your time to its completion.

Check the official exam page

Many candidates make the mistake of going straight into study without first going through the certification content.

You need to know every detail about 300-135 certification exam and the best way to get this information is through the Cisco official certification page.

By going through the webpage, you will be able to read the exam objectives and all the details by yourself. You will also learn about the recommended resource materials that will help you have an effective preparation.

Get relevant resource materials

There are many resource materials that have been developed for the Cisco 300-135 exam. However, you have to choose wisely. This is why you need to check through the certification page to know the recommended resources for the test. In addition to the resources, you can also explore some online platforms that offer training courses for the exam. You can also explore Cisco learning platform. If you are looking for free resources, you can be sure to get them through the online platforms. However, you have to be careful about the free resources you use to avoid using outdated materials for your preparation.

Take practice tests

There is no way you can prepare for a certification exam without taking time to go through practice questions. Practice questions are designed to provide you with the tools you need to evaluate yourself before the exam. There are many sites that offer practice tests for the Cisco 300-135 exam. You can also explore exam simulators offered by some platforms online. These simulators provide you with the opportunity to take the practice test in a simulated environment that is a replica of the real exam. You are able to evaluate your level of performance and preparedness before the exam. This opens you up to your weak areas in the certification content so that you can focus on these areas and become better in them.

Cisco 300-101 exam

Implementing Cisco IP Routing exam is also required to receive the CCNP Routing and Switching certification. Candidates must demonstrate their routing knowledge by answering from 45 to 65 questions within 120 minutes. Most of the questions are about layer 3 technologies.

Cisco 300-115 exam

Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) exam checks switching skills of the candidates. The time limit is the same – 120 minutes, and the amount of questions is from 30 to 40. The highest percentage of the exam questions is dedicated to layer 2 technologies.

CCNP Security

It is also a professional-level credential and it is aimed at those who want to succeed as a Cisco Network Security Engineer. Certified specialists provide security in switches, routers, networking devices. They can also deploy, choose, troubleshoot, and support IDS/IPS solutions, Firewalls, etc. To receive the credential, you must have the CCNA Security credential or CCIE certification, and pass four exams (300-208 SISAS, 300-210 SITCS, 300-206 SENSS, 300-209 SIMOS). In this article, we are going to discuss 300-209 exam.

Cisco 300-209 exam

It is one of the four exams required to get the CCNP Security certification. Implementing Cisco Security Mobility Solutions or the Cisco CCNP TSHOOT Exam Dumps evaluates the candidate’s knowledge and skills on a wide variety of VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions that are available within the scope of Cisco. These VPN are available on the Cisco IOS software and Cisco ASA firewall platforms. The certification test consists of 65-75 questions with 90 minutes allocated for its completion. The exam measures the knowledge that is required to appropriately implement highly secure remote communications via VPN technology. These include site-to-site Virtual Private Network (FlexVPN, DMVPN) and SSL Virtual Private Network.

The 300-209 test requires that the candidates prepare and cover the scope of the exam contents before attempting the actual test. Many professionals have earned this credential at their first attempt. This shows that with an adequate preparation, you can attain the desired success in the exam. There are various tools that are within your reach that you can use to prepare for this certification test. However, you must be able to decipher from relevant materials and irrelevant ones.

Benefits of taking the Cisco 300-209 certification exam

If you are in the IT industry, you will agree that certifications have a great impact on your career prospect in your chosen field. With the Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions (SIMOS) exam, you can find your footing in the industry working on Cisco products. Cisco as a brand is well known in the corporate world and many organizations make use of their products. By earning this credential, you certify that you have the skills and expertise to provide Cisco mobile solutions to the corporate environment. This enhances your potentials and makes you stand out from other job seekers.


If you want to increase your potential in the marketplace, earning a certification in your career path is a big prerequisite. The certification also increases your salary potentials. According to report, professional with a certification has the potential to earn significantly more than their non-certified colleagues. Therefore, if your desire is to increase your earning potential, obtaining a certificate is the right way to go. In addition to this, pursuing a certification also shows that you are committed to personal development. The employers are always looking for the individuals who take the initiative to become better at what they do. Such professionals usually rise faster on the promotion ladder, more than their contemporaries. You cannot afford to be static in the industry because everything within the world of technology is moving at a faster pace. It is imperative that you take steps to earn credential in your field to become a part of this fast-paced industry. The Cisco 300-135 exam is the test you need to pass if you want to make an impact in the field of IT.

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