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Accused Murderer Escapes Double Murder Charge Thanks to the New Pro Abortion Law in New York

Accused murderer Anthony Hobson, 48, was charged with murder of his pregnant girlfriend and second degree (illegal) abortion has escaped punishment for that charge under the new New York law which allows for abortion in all 9 months. (NY Post)

An accused murderer Anthony Hobson, 48, was charged originally with murder and second degree (illegal) abortion after stabbing his pregnant girlfriend Jennifer Irigoyen to death.

Hobson was charged with double murder as he murdered Irigoyen and her unborn baby, but now he will not be charged with the murder of the unborn baby as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Care Act (RHA) which allowed for abortion at any time in the pregnancy as long as it is alleged the fetus is not viable, but the bill doesn’t give any definition as to what is or what isn’t viable as a fetus.

Across New York and the country, the story has caused outrage as we are beginning to see the normalization of infanticide. For the longest time if someone murdered a pregnant woman they would be facing double homicide charges but now in New York, that has changed.

So far Governor Andrew Cuomo and his office have said nothing about this case.

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