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5 Steps to Become Independent from Parents

For most young adults, heading off to college is the point where they need to leave their family homes and start a life of their own. Once you are a young adult, you can start calling your own shots. You enjoy the freedom to live your life the way you want to. As an adult, you are no longer legally compelled to live with your parents or guardians.

Independence from your parents gives a lot of freedom, but it does not make life one long party. When you leave your family home, you need to start making tough choices and ensure that you are able to sustain yourself. You cannot count on your family to bare your expenses or take care of you when you fall sick. In many parts of the world, young adults continue living with their families, as it is financially feasible. However, with a well-thought-out plan, you do not have to worry about living with your family forever.

Are you worried about figuring out how to be independent? With the help of these five simple steps, you will be well-prepared for a life of responsibility and freedom.

Start Earning

The first step towards becoming self independent is finding a job. If you do not find a job, then you will still have to rely on your parents to financially support you. For a taste of true freedom, you need to earn your own money.

Most young adults have to work part-time while completing their education. Education is crucial for your future. Hence, you need to prioritize your education. Find a part-time job that allows you enough time to attend classes and study. The opportunity to earn more at the cost of your education might not be the best choice. Try to have good work and study time balance to ensure that your future does not get hampered. There are many job opportunities for college students. You can even ask college seniors to help you get employed to their place of employment.

You can start this step before you leave school by working part-time during school breaks. Try working for reputed businesses. The hours you put in will not only help you earn money it will also help you earn experience which you can add to your resume.

Start Saving Money

Saving money is an essential skill that young adults need to learn. When you get older, you will understand the importance of saving money. You will eventually need your saving to buy assets. However, most young adults do not have the foresight to start saving for the future. Just because you are earning money does not mean you are independent from your parents. By spending all the money, you might face an emergency where you have to ask your family for help.

Buying everything off of your Amazon Wishlist without anyone questioning you is a perk of independence. You can indulge in an occasional spree if you have money saved. If you do not have money saved then in case of an emergency you will have to rely on others to help you out.

Plan a Budget

Saving money is not possible if you do not have a budget. From food to paid services that offer help with assignments Australia has young adults learning to budget their expenses. Budgeting might seem like a daunting task, but it can be simplified.

You need first to list all your fixed expenses. Deduct the cost of the fixed expenses from the salary you get in hand. Set aside a fixed amount as savings. Whatever you are left with is your disposable income. Once you get your paycheck to finish paying off your fixed expenses, like rent and electricity, you can further budget your disposable income by dividing it into daily spending allowances. Any amount that you do not spend on one day will help increase your spending allowance for the remaining days.

Learn to Cook

Cooking is not a task for mothers and grandmothers. Cooking is an important skill that helps adults have a healthy lifestyle. Many millennials do not know how to cook basic meals for themselves. The lack of basic cooking skills is a big obstacle in the path of an independent life.

You do not have to become a master-chef to survive, but ordering in all your meals is highly problematic. Packaged food and restaurant food are expensive and unhealthy. You risk your budget and your health by solely relying on those sources for food. Learn how to cook some basic meals. Have Tupperware to segregate and store your meals in. By cooking every alternate day, you can have home cooked meals every day. There are many YouTube channels that can help you prepare easy meals for your week.

Have a Conversation

Leaving your home is not only hard on you. Your parents are bound to have a tough time with you leaving home. While your parents might be prepared for you to leave for university, you should have a talk with them about your plans for the future. Discuss your budget, take their inputs and figure out if they can help you out in case of emergencies. You might have to rely on your parents till you are settled into your life of independence. Figure out how much your parents can financially back you up. Pre-planning your holiday visits can help you and your family adjust to the change.

Leaving your family for a life of independence can be a tremendously daunting task. You need to be mentally and monetarily prepared for the challenges ahead. While in the beginning, you might have to go back to your parents for help, it is all a part of the learning curve that will prepare you for fully independent adult life. Start planning your future early and do not be disheartened if things do not always go according to plan. You will be able to enjoy your independence once you have settled in.

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