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What Changes in the Education System are necessary in 2019?

There is always a rigid pattern followed when it comes to education. Education has been an essential part of the human race for more than 5000 years. The pattern, though seems beneficial to most, is just a rigid method of trying to teach each and every person, preferring different techniques of learning. Be it a thesis editor or any other occupation, there are many things that need attention for an individual to acquire the desired skill set, but nothing much is happening in this direction. Here are some of the most required changes to be made in 2019’s education system:

1. Focus on skills

Not every student is a born doctor, zoologist or an engineer. Each student has their own likes and dislikes. Why spend so much time trying to learn something that may not be your choice in the future? Hence to save time, energy and resources, more focus should be given on the skills of the students rather than focusing on their brain power of memorizing the same questions and answers over the years.

2. Technological inclusion

There should be more and more technology-based education. Since there are lots of technical innovation going on, the education system has to keep up with the daily increasing technical knowledge around the world. More computers should be used for teaching as they are interactive and help facilitate better understanding. We cannot expect our future generations to better understand the significance and improvements in the technology sector of the world unless we take the initiative of making changes in the education sector as well to meet up with the advancements going on with the rest of the world.

3. Personalize education

Not all students are good at memorizing things; some prefer visual concepts that are more practical which makes it easy for them to understand concepts and theories. Also, not every child has the same IQ. Hence each individual child deserves personalized teaching where his/her learning speed and technique preferences are kept in mind.

4. Smarter teachers

As the world is improving and changing, be it laws, economy or technology, there is a requirement for teachers to get smarter. Those teachers who understand the current requirements of their sectors, or has on field experience with the real world are the smarter ones and can teach and provide better visuals of what is happening outside the classroom walls. The education system in this way will move more towards practical, essential and detailed must-known knowledge to which the current education system is unaware of.

5. Encouraging involvement activities

A lot of schools and colleges do not indulge students in activities that are interactive and encourage student participation. Activities like swimming, dancing, sports or singing are to be always encouraged as each student must embrace and work on their interests and hobbies which not only fulfills their hearts but also facilitate better focus towards studies.

To conclude, these are the most important changes that are required for our future generations to have a better tomorrow. Paper writing pros, engineers, doctors, accountants, or anyone should strive to desire such improvements in their teaching methods.

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