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New Yorkers Sound Off In The Streets About Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Plan

Campus Reform editor-in-chief Lawrence Jones interviewed New Yorkers about Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wednesday and their answers were nothing but positive.

The first few people Jones interviewed said they agreed with Ocasio-Cortez’s plan to impose a 70 percent tax on the rich, with one respondent wanting a 90 percent rate. One woman also said she fully supports Ocasio-Cortez’s efforts to abolish ICE.

“I went straight to her district and the people believe in her,” Jones said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday. “They believe in wealth redistribution … We are a generous country and this socialism that she’s advocating for that we often see on the college campuses at Campus Reform, she is now pushing … her district supports it. People should be afraid.”

Jones said the people he interviewed echoed Ocasio-Cortez statement about being morally right instead of factually right and claimed her way of thinking is gaining traction with voters.

“A lot of people believe her and then we go longer in the conversation and the people said … that it’s more important to be morally right than factually right,” he said.

“Don’t worry about the facts, just be morally right,” Jones continued. “And this is that emotion generation. Again, a lot of conservatives and Republicans laughed at Ocasio-Cortez. I don’t think this is a laughing matter. She is winning when it comes to drawing more people in. I think we should be concerned. Especially for the younger generation.”

Jones said she may not win the presidency any time soon but claimed her star is on the rise and said she’s instrumental in America’s swing back to socialism.

“She may not win the next two presidential elections but there is a swing to socialism and she is getting a lot of support,” he said. “We should take her seriously.”

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