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Is Larry Hogan going to primary President Trump?

Lately, Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland has been quietly (and not-so-quietly) taking the steps one might take to run for president.

He’s been meeting with big Republican donors who have made clear their disdain for the current president. He’s been attacking the president’s brand of governing in speeches. And, yes, he’s even got a trip to Iowa on the docket.

But does he have the guts to take a stab at 2020? The White House seems to fear so. Aides from DC have been tracking Hogan’s public events for months, and they’re not thrilled with his plans to travel to Iowa. Hogan could be the guy to bring together the Never-Trumpers who have been hoping for another option in the primary.

Hogan hasn’t ruled out a run. When asked by Politico, he simply responded “Never say never.”

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