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How to live it up in Panama City with your family and friends?

Panama City is home to only 37,000 people. It is a paradise for tourists and travelers, who want an active beach holiday. 27-miles of fine white beaches lure thousands from across the world to this place during the winters. The white sugar beaches are unique, and the lapping turquoise waves make it the perfect Instagram setup for the millennials.

Complete with beach activities and amusement parks, Panama City Beach is the perfect destination for families and couples. It has the perfect balance of romance and amusement that draws the most diverse bunch of travelers to the summery vacation spot. The weather is pleasant throughout the year, with clear blue skies that complement the crystal blue waters. The beach community provides a fantastic opportunity for water activities, boat tours, and wide-ranging on-shore entertainment. Whether you are looking for a couple of days away from home, or a wild vacation with your significant other, you are likely to find it at the Panama City Beach.

Visit the picturesque islands away from the mainland

While you are in Panama City Florida do not forget to explore Shell Island. It is only accessible by boat, and its remote tranquility away from the mainland beaches make it a hotspot for photographers, nature lovers, adventurers, and sunbathers. People, who love to swim often frequent Shell Island for its pleasant waters, and diverse marine life. It is home to loggerhead sea turtles and shorebirds. It is a haven for the wildlife that one would rarely see on the mainland. If you want to rendezvous with nature, then Shell Island is a must visit.

Learn some more about the marine life and sea divers

The Museum of Man in the Sea has been around since 1976. The Institute of Diving founded this museum which is a standing tribute to the marine scientists and Navy Seals. Check this museum out with your family and friends to explore man’s relationship with underwater exploration over the last few decades. It is famous for its incredibly interactive exhibits. You can climb through submarines, try on ancient diving gear and experience the new technology that divers use for staying underwater for an extended period. Explore the evolution of diving pods, masks, helmets, and underwater living facilities. Do not miss the screening of movies on marine life and explorations at this place.

Spend quality time with your family and friends

If you want a day of fun and frolic away from the beaches, then Shipwreck Island Waterpark is your destination. You can visit this amusement park alone or with your family. No matter whose company you have, you will remain entertained throughout the day. Battle the gigantic waves in the 500,000-gallon arena, free fall from the slide, race other swimmers down the Pirate’s Plunge Racing Slide or zipline across from the 17th-century galleon. It is a fantastic place for large groups. Paddle along the 2000 foot lazy river when you need a break from the giant waves, slides and water activities. Shipwreck Island Waterpark is the place to be if you want some vacation action with family and friends.

Explore the Gulf Coast like royalty

Do you want to explore the Gulf Coast? Then hop onto the Island Time Sailing Catamaran. The ‘Island Time’ is a 50-foot catamaran that sails off the Treasure Island Marina in the Panama City Beach. They have fantastic dolphin and snorkel cruises which fill up fast so you better book your ride early if you want to sail on the turquoise waters of the gulf. The morning and afternoon adventures last for up to three hours. So pack on generous amounts of sunscreen and fresh water for your tour of the Gulf Coast. If you are worried about boredom, don’t be. You can slide down the slide off the back of the boat, find shells or maybe a starfish while snorkeling or try stand-up paddle boarding. Embrace the thrills of the beach life and swim with the friendly local dolphins. Spend a day on the waters, soak up the sun and dance to the groovy rhythm of Caribbean music. Pick the evening cruise for romantic sunset rides and dolphin viewing. The Island Time Sailing Catamaran is the perfect choice for romantic couples and adults looking for some solace.

Don’t let the children miss out

Have you always wanted to live like a pirate? The Pirates of the Caribbean have indeed made pirates the coolest characters in history! Explore their lifestyle and ride on the 85-foot replica of a grand pirate ship. Kids can engage in fake sword fights, fire cannons, and go on treasure hunts. The Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise is the ideal place for kids to enjoy themselves during a beach vacation. Sail from St. Andrews Bay to Shell Island. Experience face painting and temporary tattoos. If you have children in your travel group, don’t forget to say “aye” to the Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise in Panama City Beach.

It’s time for some more family fun!

The Coconut Creek Family Fun Park is indeed the most happening place to be in Panama City Beach if you are traveling with kids. It has incredible mazes, fun family mini-golf courses and more. The maze is quite enthralling for children and adults alike. The labyrinth is the size of a football field, and the park changes the layout frequently, so it is challenging to every returning patron. If you want to spend more than a day exploring the Coconut Creek Family Fun Park, we cannot hold it against you! The expansive maze can be quite addictive, especially since it manages to teach orienteering skills to the participants.

Panama City is no longer the small city your grandparents used to speak about. It is a fun place with tons of adventures and delightful experiences for everyone is a travel team. If you are looking for a place to soak up the sun, try some fresh seafood and revel in the adventures of the underwater, then Panama City is the perfect place for you. Come explore the turquoise waters, sunbathe in the pristine white sands and fill up on the bountiful fresh catch the fishermen bring ashore every day!

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