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Hillary, Mueller and the Democrat Party: The Real Russian Colluders


The Mueller investigation rages on after almost three years of finding nothing. It started out to find Russian collusion within the Trump campaign to divert attention from the real Russian collusion of the Hilary campaign and has spread in so many different directions like the arms of an octopus. As the title of Fox News’ attorney Greg Jarret’s book so eloquently says ‘” The Russian Hoax: The Plot to Exonerate Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump.”

Now the pieces are starting to fall into place like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Another swamp dweller is leaving his post, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The man who appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel and suggested wearing a wire for Mueller to record President Trump is making his exit.


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to step down from his position as the Justice Department’s second-in-command after nominee William Barr is confirmed as attorney general, a source familiar with the matter told the Daily News.

Rosenstein — long seen as the highest ranking protector of the Mueller-led investigation into President Trump’s campaign and Russian meddling in the 2016 election — has already shared his plans with the president and other administration officials, the Associated Press reported.

Barr, nominated by Trump to replace the ousted Jeff Sessions, is scheduled to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee for a confirmation hearing next week and could be in place at the DOJ as soon as February.

“There is no set date but he always saw this as a two year stint,” the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss internal matters, told The News. “Once William Barr has been confirmed, he will help with the transition and step down.”

Now perhaps we can investigate to see how many crimes he committed including the fake dossier FISA documents! Lying to those courts is a crime Mr. Rosenstein!

In doing some research I found this most interesting and factual comment that sums things up perfectly.

“Christopher Steel told a lie against Trump….he took that lie to destroy Trump. Hillary Clinton took the lie before a liberal Judge Ore, with no evidence to back this lie, and Judge Ore signed it with nothing to back the dossier. They took this lie to try and destroy an incoming President! Trump has done nothing wrong! If they had anything on him, it would have already come out! Even the Democrats know this, it’s a game of charades to mislead the American people, that are uneducated, uninformed! The news media like MSNBC , NBC, and CNN are all owned by liberals, they all lie day in and day out!  You have been fooled with their forked toungs! They are still in search of anything they can find on Trump. Instead, they went after everyone and anyone that helped Trump win! Wake up , pay attention, the war on Trump is everywhere we turn, they mislead the American people with pure damn lies all day long! If you can’t see through this charade you are deaf, dumb, and blind! The liberals, communist, Socialist, and globalist want him gone at all cost! They are trying to put the” One World Order” in place and Trump stands in their way! He’s undoing everything those demons did by the grace of God! The Democrats will destroy our country and have sold us all out for pure power and damn greed!

Hillary was found to be guilty of violations in her unsecured emails, in so doing exposing confidential information to the enemies, lying about Benghazi, corruption in her “pay to play” activities in the State Dept. and her FOUNDATION, but all of the documented violations were erased by corrupt Comey’s exoneration of her when he became the Judge & the Jury, protected by the Obama’s administration at that time, as AG Loretta Lynch abandoned her duties to Comey, the well known Clinton fixer even in the past. All their dirt from Arkansas on were exposed and well documented in various best -selling books, but the Clintons never sued the authors if all were false. Here are just a few: The Clinton Cash, The Clinton Chronicles, Pay to Play, Hillary’s America, A question of Character, No one left to LIE, etc, etc.

Comey chose to turn his pathetic back to everything she did! She was never under investigation, never! They let her walk on everything! The top FBI is in bed with the Clinton’s, including Mueller! Comey had the FBI the good ones, turn their backs on him, after he turned away, that’s the only reason he opened it back up! And it didn’t last long! Comey, Mueller, Rosienstien, all in bed with the Clinton cartel! It did not have anything to do with her loosing the election period! She’s blamed everyone for her own failure’s including Trump. The whole damn DNC started this crap when Trump was running to take him down, and they are doing everything in their power to break him, from running in 2020. This only happens in the Banana Republic! If you do not think for a moment that there is no corruption with these people that have been there for too long, then you live in a dream world! Trump is not, let me repeat is not a damn politician. He has no reason to have ties with Russia, he’s a Entrepreneur, he builds hotels ! At least a few million Democrats woke up to the Deep State and voted for Trump, and more and more are catching on to these Socialist/ Globalist/ Communist pigs!”

The only thing the comment didn’t mention is that Hillary and the DNC brought and paid for the dossier from Steel to the tune of one million dollars through the opposition firm Fusion GPS which Judge Or’s wife was affiliated with. And the fact that Hillary blames everyone else for her mistakes is a Saul Alinsky tactic whom Hilary idolizes and did her college thesis on.

Uranium One was both pay for play and treason. Every U.S. citizen involved sold out the American People and deserve no less than life in a Federal Maximum Prison.


This includes Robert Mueller who was head of the FBI at that time and he knew exactly what was going on and he further raised no objections to this traitorous scheme with the Russians…Is it any wonder this same Robert Mueller would like to put Trump behind bars…as a cover up for his own illegal activities as head of the FBI at that particular time involving the Uranium One sell off….Uranium is used to make yellow cake…Yellow cake is used to make nuclear bombs and warheads…Does anyone not see the dangers in all of this to our national security?… Trump does and that is why he stated earlier during his campaigning “You should be in jail” directly to Hillary Clinton’s face during the debates that  time…The MSM shied away from asking Trump what he was referring to…Of course they didn’t and wouldn’t…Hillary Clinton got off Scott free and now the MSM in collusion with the Democrats want to impeach Trump…Why?…Possibly because he knows where all the dead bodies lie.


There was a time the FBI was highly respected. Now, the criminals in the FBI should be weeded out and charged with obstruction of justice and treason. Lock them all up. Now I believe President Trump realizes he has a problem with “whom he can trust. When Hillary Criminal lost the election all the cronies knew it was going to be rough. She got off scot free for some very serious crimes. Collusion with the Russians , pay to play, Uranium 1, her home brew server, hiding thousands of emails, obstructing justice big time. She put our country’s national security at risk, she knew her server had been hacked, and then there is the bogus dossier with help directly from Russia.  If Bill Clinton gives a speech for an hour, most of the time he is paid $200,000 by foreign countries. I just think she got off on several scandals because she knows too much and this could bring America down

Selling 20% of America’s Uranium to Putin is dumber than anything unless you are benefittng by getting money such as 145 Million being Donated to a phony Clinton Crime Charity that only donates 7% while using the rest of the money to support their lifestyle of the rich and famous which really is a crime. Mueller was advised and given top secret information by an FBI informant of blackmail payoffs going on with Uranium One and Mueller still went ahead and signed off allowing Putin to get control of 20% of America’s uranium. In fact, it was Muller who delivered in person a sample of the uranium to Putin.  This is TREASON of the highest order, but as usual, Hillary and her dem co-horts  get off. Oh what a tangled web we weave when trying to deceive.


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