Democrats Have A Bizarro, Contra-Reality View Of The World

The visceral fear and anger Democrats suffered after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, along with the Democrats’ idiotic, unfounded hate of Donald Trump, has led them to a bad, dark place where up-is-down, good-is-bad and right-is-wrong in their political judgment.

Below are some examples of the current Democrat derangement:

Black members of the House and Senate forever and endlessly call Republicans racists. These black members in the federal legislature were freely elected to their positions and have every right and privilege in those elected positions as any white member has, and yet these fool people call the whites who make no effort to keep them from their elected duties, “racists”!

Donald Trump tries to get a budget approved by Congress that will allow the construction of a wall to protect Americans from invaders who freely cross our southern border, and Democrats call this effort “immoral”!

The Democrat party, the party of Jim Crow, the party of three-fifths of a person, the party of Democrat governors standing in school house doors to keep black children out, the party of the KKK, the party that dallied and delayed the passing of the Civil Rights Act for years, has the gall to call Republicans “racists”!

Police officers are killed frequently by illegal aliens and Democrats will not allow a wall to be built to keep these murderers out of our nation.

Nancy Pelosi refuses to meet with family members of victims killed by illegal aliens, and she pretends to want border security? Democrats, led by the filth of Pelosi, don’t give a damn about the suffering of American citizens; all they want is to unseat Donald Trump, and if a few more people have to die in that effort, that’s fine with them.

Men have given us the Polio vaccine, air conditioning, forced-air heating, the Empire State building, the Golden Gate bridge, the automobile, jet aircraft, the Nineteenth amendment to the constitution, they gave us the Constitution of the United States that certifies our liberties, a military force that has kept the United States as safe as anywhere in the world, yet Democrats call men “toxic” simply on the basis of their masculinity!

Recently a CNN analyst, Areva Martin, accused conservative radio host David Webb, on his own radio program, of benefiting from his “White Privilege”. Mr. Webb is proudly black, and conservative, and this idiocy of considering a black man to have white privilege proves that this kind of name-calling by leftists has no basis in fact and is just a tool to attack anyone liberals don’t agree with.

Immediately following the government shutdown, Nancy Pelosi flew off to Hawaii for a little vacation, and a slew of Democrats went to Puerto Rico to relax and meet with their rich Washington swamp donors. This fiasco proves that Democrats are the obstacle to achieving an agreement that could end the government shutdown. Donald Trump was at his desk ready to negotiate, but the Democrats were out-to-lunch, lounging on a beach somewhere and abusing President Trump for not behaving responsibly.

And on a related issue of leftist self-identity and the harm it can do to women, leftist, radical, Democrat toxicity should be considered when men who pretend to be women use the latest liberal self-identity fad in order to compete with women in athletic arenas and sporting events. As one might well expect, the stronger, larger, more muscled men beat the women they compete against in these competitions. But no woman is allowed to complain because feminists support and celebrate this very unbalanced sort of competition. One can feel the frustration of a girl or a woman who trains hard in her elected sporting event, and is then defeated by a man who identifies as a woman. This latest fad of the radical left is hurting women, and as a man, I think the way feminists treat women is pure crap.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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