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Dangerous Dems In Search of A Crime That Doesn’t Exist

mullerRobert Mueller has stated that his investigation is about to wrap up, but after two years of investigations of President Trump, his campaign and his Transition Team, the Democrats and their liberal media have yet to find a crime. But they keep insisting Trump was a Russian pawn and Putin’s puppet anyway. Never mind that Hillary colluded with Russia selling them 20% of our uranium that they can make nuclear bombs with for 145 million to her foundation, never mind that Russia paid Bill $500,000 to speak there and never mind that she and the DNC paid a foreign national Christopher Steel a million dollars through laundered money to write a fake dossier on Trump and Russia. Never mind Hillary with her reset button and being buddy buddy with Putin. No, never mind any of those crimes, it’s Trump that’s a problem to these people. Democrats hope they will be able to throw Trump from office before 2020 so they can proceed with their socialist makeover of America..

putin_hillary“Recently on Sean Hannity’s show he stated the following: We know top people in the FBI filled with hatred and frankly, anti-Trump rage, who have put aside all values and their blatant political bias, were seeking redemption for the firing of James Comey. They actually plotted to destroy your duly-elected president. And this is way beyond what we already knew up until this point. According to, as usual, anonymous sources in the New York Times report last Friday, two days after Comey was unceremoniously terminated, several top FBI officials actually questioned whether or not President Trump was working directly for Russia. They did this without a single shred of evidence, zero probable cause, zero proof of any collusion. It was a witch hunt. The president has been right from Day One.

They opened an investigation into whether or not Russia directed the president to fire their beloved Trump hater, James Comey. This, despite Comey’s testimony that there was no evidence of collusion — for nine months they have looked into this, and Trump was not the target of the investigation. Remember, even Comey, the Trump hater that he is, admitted that the president could fire him for any reason. Nobody in the media seems to want to tell you that.

Remember, these are the same bureaucrats that openly rooted for Hillary Clinton to win the election. Peter Strzok texted that Hillary Clinton should win 100 million to zero and, of course, and all those horrible things about the president. These are the same officials who wrote an exoneration of Hillary Clinton in May of 2016, months before actually interviewing her and 16 other witnesses. It was already written the exoneration before the investigation.

The same people that yawned. We know it is incontrovertible. Hillary Clinton obstructed justice. She destroyed subpoenaed emails – 33,000 of them, washed her hard drive with BleachBit,  smashed smartphones and iPhones with a hammer and took away SIM cards. These are the same people who look the other way when Hillary and the DNC funneled money through Perkins Cole, a law firm, a campaign finance violation to hire an op research firm, to hire Christopher Steele, a foreign national, to give us Russian lies.

And despite everything, the special counsel’s investigation rolls on. They are not looking at Hillary Clinton or the phony Russian dossier that she paid for. Their focus is singularly on President Trump and everyone around him.

Never forget the hate-Trump Democrats and hate Trump media — they have been tied at the hip the whole time, reporting innuendo, lies, conspiracies daily.” Sean Hannity: The conspiracy to destroy the Trump presidency is far worse than we knew and will continue | Fox News

I found this most interesting comment that pretty much describes a DNC politician:

Bobbyleebobo42 •  A prerequisite in order to become a DNC Politician, You must be a habitual liar! You must deny everything, all the time, unless it’s a good thing, which rarely happens! You must campaign telling voters that their concerns are taken seriously, only to chuckle at the thought once elected! You must be willing to die for the Clintons, or die by the Clintons! Buy votes, cheat elections, take Soros money, ignore your voters! Rape children, go to sex parties where underage kidnapped kids are there for your pleasure, attend satanic churches, keep the southern border open at any cost, that’s where your drugs come from, that’s where Obama’s cocaine comes from, and your kickbacks from drug cartels! Live like a king, once you’re in, you become rich! Use the tax payers like an ATM! There’s nothing Taxpayers can do about it, they pay, so we can play! No matter what the problem is, USE THE RACE CARD! It worked for O.J.

The reason dems are objecting to everything Trump does even if it is very positive for the country is the Dem Progressives want to take total power and control to transform the Republic into a Communist Oligarchy over which they RULE THEIR SUBJECTS….US.Trump is the last great American bulwark against our enemies and the now socialist democrat party. They’re getting away with an unconstitutional investigation.


They’ve been combing over every transaction of Trump inc since the 2016 election, building a case to take him down and this Russia conspiracy is just a cover. Mueller, all his angry associates, and the media know Trump didn’t collude with Russia. This is about taking down an outsider and threat to their system.

They say Trump said “drain the swamp” was the day they declared war. This has absolutely nothing to do with Russia. Trump must be re-elected in 2020 for the sake of freedom and the country.


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