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The Dos and Don’ts When Applying for a US Visa

Today, immigration is a hot-button topic, no matter what side of the political or ideological fence you’re on.

And though controlling the flow of foreigners into the country is very important, the present administration has accomplished in making it more difficult for everyone.

The current immigration policies don’t only target possible threats to public safety but also affect perfectly law-abiding, talented individuals who have much to contribute to this country.

If you or someone you know falls into one or more of these categories, you may need to hire an immigration attorney.

  • You or someone you know is seeking an employment visa in the US
  • You or someone you know is seeking a US visa for business reasons
  • You or someone you know is seeking a US visa for a foreign spouse
  • You or someone you know is seeking a US visa for a foreign family member
  • You or someone you know is seeking a tourist visa in the US
  • You or someone you know is seeking a US student visa

Know Exactly What Visa You Need and Why

When one begins planning your trip or move to the United States, it’s essential to know and understand precisely what visa they need and why.

Though it won’t happen right away, a visa applicant will eventually be asked to attend a visa interview at the US embassy in their country of origin.

These interviews resemble a job interview in that the interviewer will not only be analyzing the applicant’s questions but also their demeanor.

By not showing confidence and lacking a clear objective as to why they should be allowed to enter the United States, the immigration officer may find this reason enough to deny the applicant a visa.

In INA section 214(b) which states that if an applicant during the interview “Did not …. overcome the presumption of being an intending immigrant,” that is grounds for inadmissibility or ineligibility.

Other reasons for the denial of visas include asking the interviewers to “speak up,” while others simply answered a question the wrong way or clicked the wrong box on the online form.

Don’t Falsify or Fail to Provide the Required Supporting Information During the Visa Application Process

According to Investopedia, the US immigration process is probably one of the most stringent and time-consuming in the Western world.

Even though immigrants of many nationalities built this country, unless you are getting a visa approved through job placement, acceptance to a college or university, a family sponsorship, or by way of a spouse’s sponsorship it’s virtually impossible to just up and move to the United States.

And even those avenues can be thwarted if the applicants and their sponsors don’t tread very carefully while navigating the visa application process.

For example, The Shapiro Law Group states on their website that the following will raise red flags and might result in the USCIS denying a fiancé visa.

  • Engaged a very short time after meeting, such as in under 3 months
  • Never met in-person but already engaged or have had very little physical time together
  • A large disparity of age, no common spoken language, different religions, or vast difference in cultural and ethnic background
  • Family and/or friends unaware of the engagement
  • Foreign fiancée is from a country considered High-risk for visa fraud
  • Discrepancies in statements on questions asked during the interview

If One Can Afford to, Hire an Immigration Attorney to Help

Hiring an attorney to help you through the visa process shows the USCIS that you’re serious.

Just like with any bureaucratic organization, a person who is represented by a lawyer is more likely to receive a hard time opposed to those who aren’t.

Furthermore, keeping track and understanding everything that required of a person during the visa process can be stressful and overwhelming.

This holds especially true being that the United States government is inspecting you through a magnifying glass.

The presence of an attorney by your side may give you an added sense of control over the situation, allowing you to complete the entire process with confidence and ease.

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