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Michael Goodwin is Right! Democrats Really Do Like Republicans…When They Are Dead

Mcaine and Bush

Recently NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin had an excellent spot on article about all the fawning over the late President Bush at his funeral. Goodwin said this shows that Democrats do love republicans after they are dead. He is sooo right.

When Bush Sr. was president the media excoriated him and dragged him over the coals like nobody’s business. They called him stupid and technologically challenged when he was amazed by a supermarket scanner. Actually, that was a mean set-up by the media. Bush was at a technology fair before anyone heard of a scanner. He was amazed by it. After the supermarket scanners became in vogue only then did the media run the pictures and made Bush look like a fool. And so it went on and on for his entire term.

Now after he has passed they all fawned over him like he was the greatest soul that ever lived. The all say what a brave soldier he was in WW11, how he was such a devoted husband and father, which he was and they all shed a tear for him for a few days on end. While what they said was all true, it was just patronizing for their own benefit.  Where were they when he was alive? This shows the phoniness and hypocritical character of the mainstream media when it Republicanspublicans.

From Michael’s article:

 He was a patriot, a hero, a ­genial gentleman and a great American. You can’t pick up a newspaper or go near a television without hearing leftists gush with praise for the late President George H.W. Bush. Who knew they felt this way?

And you are not mistaken if the outpouring of previously unknown affection for the first President Bush sounds familiar. That’s because it is almost identical to the loving send-off the same suspects gave Sen. John McCain after he died in August.

It all just goes to prove that Democrats and their media handmaidens really do love Republicans — when they’re dead. All the more so if, when they were alive, they ­opposed President Trump.

There were reports that both Bush and McCain voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. See, good Republicans. McCain’s feud went beyond the grave, when it became known that he did not want Trump at his funeral. McCain got extra love for that ­final bit of pettiness.

Paradoxically, Bush gets extra credit because he wanted Trump at his funeral, even though both gestures are seen as a rebuke to the current president. In this case, Bush is hailed for rising above pettiness.

There is another phony dimension in the media’s praise for Bush and McCain in that both were said to epitomize a less toxic time in politics. Democrats really do love Republicans — when they’re dead

FOX news anchor Shannon Bream interviewed Rush Limbaugh on all this fawning over Bush by the media and Rush nailed it perfectly calling them all phony:

SHANNON BREAM: Last night, we talked about a couple of headlines, including one from the AP that had to be, well, reworked, shall we say. And some others that had to mediate negative reaction to the death of President Bush 41. And now, in these coming days, we see a lot of fawning and talking about how he was so great at bipartisanship, he was a different kind of Republican. What’s that all about?

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Well, it’s phony. They never treated him this way when he was president. They were vicious to him, like they are vicious and partisan to every Republican. I think it’s just a vehicle for them, Shannon, to be able to contrast what they think Trump is versus the way they are telling us Bush was.

And it’s just — it’s just phony. It’s nothing more than a vehicle for them to continually contrast this made up image that they have of George H.W. Bush. Which, by the way, what they’re saying about him now is true, all of the class and all the dignity, all of the sophistication. But they never reported on him this way when he was president.

Virtually every media outlet would pay tribute to Bush, then segue into a criticism of Trump. Some used it to attack his reluctance to back global warming accords, while others used the differences in the two presidents’ personalities to smear Trump.

ABC News’ Terry Moran mockingly fantasizes about Trump’s funeral: “First, he’s going to choreograph it. So, there might be more trumpets and fanfare. … It will be the best presidential funeral ever. No one will ever have seen anything like that funeral.”

So far ABC has received a lot of flak for this exchange, but no statement or apology was issued during their morning show, Good Morning America, today.

The media continues with their hate fest of Trump and republicans in general. You can only take so much and something is bound to give very soon. The pressure in the balloon is about to pop and it is not going to be pretty.

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