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Government Set To Shut Down After Senate Fails To Get Enough Votes For Short-Term Spending Bill

The federal government is expected to shut down after Senate Republicans failed to receive enough votes to pass a short-term spending bill Friday which included funding for the border wall.

The Senate voted against the government funding bill 48-47, as many Senators were not present for the floor vote. Alabama Democratic Sen. Doug Jones was the only Democrat in the Senate who voted for the bill. Before the vote, President Donald Trump asked asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to use the nuclear option to end the filibuster and pass funding for the border wall. However, McConnell did not.

The two parties will now have to figure out an agreement and the Senators must be present for a vote on the Senate floor, and send a bill to the president to sign, to end the government shutdown.

This all comes as House Republicans passed the short-term spending bill Thursday after adding the $5 billion Trump demanded for border wall funding to the continuing resolution. The vote passed the House 217-185 and needed approval from the Senate before it could have received a signature from Trump.

“The time to stand up for the American people and fight for wall funding is now. If the president vetoes a [continuing resolution (CR)] without wall funding, the American people and his allies in Congress will back him up. We’ll support him. The time to act is now. That’s why we were elected and it’s time we follow through,” North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, chairman of the House freedom caucus, told the The Daily Caller News Foundation Thursday.

Funding for the government was set to expire Dec. 7. However, the House of Representatives passed a two-week resolution to avoid a government shutdown by unanimous consent in a voice vote, meaning members did not have to be present for the vote. The Senate, which is in session, then approved the bill, funding the government until Dec. 21.

The new bill would have funded the government until Feb. 8. However, the Government will likely shut down Friday night, unless a last minute deal is made.

Democrats will have control of the House beginning Jan. 3.

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