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5 steps to choose the right plumber for your needs

Plumbing is hard work! More than hard work, plumbing requires a certain type of professional expertise. Without proper plumbing, your valued home or office will face difficult days and extra headaches along with the daily hassles that you have to put up with anyway!

There are a number of things you must consider before hiring a professional plumbing firm for your needs. You can check out A-1 Sewer & Drain for all your plumbing requirements. Meanwhile, you can self-educate yourself on the questions you need to ask a company before hiring. So, read on!


To work in your area, the plumbing firm needs to have a license. The license adds authenticity to a firm. It is the certificate for the fitness of the firm with respect to experience, education, and competence. Licensing ensures that the workers are insured thus absolving you of liability damages in case of any accidents. Act wisely and choose smart, save money in the long run.


It’s a given that the major concern with any kind of home repair or modification work is the expenditure involved. A reputable plumbing company will offer you fair prices for their services and provide a written price quote. Having a lower price quote is not always a good deal as they might not be using quality materials and fittings. Ask the questions and keep the lines of communications open to review the extent of their job, charges being levied for additional services and repairs. It is also important to learn the basics about the policies of the agency for their price quotes.

User Reviews

Investing time to read through user reviews is a great idea as this paints a clear picture about the work ethics of the firm. There are many online listings in the U.S. including the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and Angie’s List which lists user reviews for plumbing companies. User reviews should never be treated as gospels as the full story can never be known, but it does help you to choose wisely. Additionally, you can also check for the merit of the plumber through any awards and affiliations received with respect to the completion of prior projects.


Recommendation from users who have previously worked with the plumbing agency is a path to guaranteed success while selecting the services. Homeowners along with real estate agents and contractors, business owners, property managers; you can talk to anyone and everyone. It’s your investment; you have to be a 100% sure of it! A proven track record for top notch work will help you to steer clear from duplicitous practices.


Being professional is the final act. A professional firm will always maintain open channels of communication with you. They will inform you about any unforeseen difficulties that may arise, a sudden change of plans before implementing them and more importantly, they will be on time! Professionals also ensure the safety and sanctity of the work environment. Clean work; that is what you get when you employ a professional plumbing agency.

Ask the right questions while choosing plumbing services. You have the right to deserve the best services for your home or workplace.

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