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4 tips to gaining engaged followers on Instagram

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Creating an Instagram account is not enough to get you an active following. Whether it is purposed for business or for personal use, you will need to put in effort to keep your followers engaged. If you want to gain an engaged Instagram following, then read on to see the top 4 tips to help you do so;

Post content that offers value

Posting content on your Instagram page is one way to gain an active following, but only if your content offers value to your target audience. You want to keep them hooked to your page but even with constant and useless content, you are likely to get a dormant following. Understand your audience and give them content that they can easily relate with to keep them coming back to your page and leaving comments under your posts.

Be consistent

Consistency is key to gaining engaged followers on your Instagram page. You want to keep reminding your followers that you exist and the only way to do that is to be consistent with your posts. Been consistent, however, does not mean spamming your followers’ feed with your content. You need to set a limit as to how many post you make in a day or even in a week. The important thing is to keep your followers entertained enough to remind them of your existence and not to bore them with too many posts.

Use popular hashtags

Hashtags are another way to increase followers on your Instagram page. The use of relevant hashtags will help to get your content a bigger audience with the same interests as you. This way, you gain more followers who will likely participate in whatever content you post. Only use hashtags that relate with your content and while more works best, try to avoid overusing them on a single post. In addition to using hashtags, make sure to use keywords to help filter your content to the relevant audiences. Just like the hashtags, ensure to keep the number of your keywords small and relevant to your content.

Be an active follower

A good trick to gaining an engaged Instagram following is being an active follower yourself. Once you show interest on your followers’ pages, then it will spike curiosity and they will want to engage in your content too. You can also buy followers from trusted sites like and leave comments under posts made by other followers, share their content and even once in a while like their content. The more you participate and engage in other people’s content the more you gain recognition and attract other followers who are equally active.

Bottom line

To have an engaged following on Instagram or any other social media platform, you need to be consistent and active as well. Give them value through your content and share their content to help them reach a bigger audience. This way, they will reciprocate, giving you a huge active following.

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