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Why Promise Rings Are The Next Big Thing To Engagement Rings

Trust. Commitment. Love. These are the standard terms associated with any relationship here in our lives. It’s as if we need these things for us to call our relationships a desirable one. It’s the same with these virtues that we have, a ring is the most popular representation of our vows to our loved ones. Before, solid gold rings meant that you’re engaged to someone, but as time passes by, their meaning also changes, giving ways to different rings of symbols, and one of which is a promise ring. Here are different points as to why promise rings are way different than any other types of symbol rings – like an engagement ring for example.

1. Promise Rings Have A Deeper Sense Of Emotion

Promise and engagement rings bear a different meaning or concept. While most of us define them as the same, it’s essential to know that another idea is deeper. A promise is attached to the concept of trust in any relationship, while engagement is more of a commitment to marriage. A promise ring is quoted by The Knot as a “reflection of devotion to one another.” These rings do not only revolve to the idea of marriage alone, as an engagement ring would do, but they’re also a vow that keeps you loving each other no matter what happens in the course of your life.

2. Promise Rings Have Different Meanings From People to People

Engagement rings obviously are given for a person after accepting a marriage proposal. However, a promise ring has different representations to a wearer. As a promise can vary from person to person, its purpose will change as well. It can be an agreement of not having another relationship with another person, a healthy life, or a stronger friendship ahead. As a gift, you might also choose to get name rings.

3. Promise Rings Aren’t A Couples-Only Ring

While engagement rings celebrate its sacredness prior to marriage, promise rings are just as universal. Anyone within a relationship can exchange their trusted vows with it. The only thing you should have is your devotion and faith in that relationship. Isn’t it beautiful that these rings can also be worn by a friend, companion, or a sibling who lost contact for a while? Again, a promise ring is an essential testimony of what your relationship to other people means.

4. Promise Rings Come In All Shapes and Designs

When considering buying rings, its design matters a lot. While engagement rings offer a more sophisticated and traditional look, promise rings are more flexible when it comes to its physical appearance. Different websites can provide a collection of 
cool promise rings, each with distinct and never-before-seen designs, all with discounted prices. Promise ring designs range from infinity-shaped rings and colorful birthstones to engraved names and dates. Your promise ring will remind you of your own, sentimental pledges that’ll never be forgotten.

5. Promise Rings Cost Less Than Engagement Rings

These rings of symbol cost anywhere from $200 to $500, opposed to engagement rings which are valued to about $500 to $2000. These rings are quite popular because of their budget-friendly and affordable price for friends who want to buy something at Valentine’s or other special occasions.


Just like giving flowers as a symbol of empathy, radiant energy and compassion to someone whom you truly love, promise rings and every ring of symbol assures trust and agreement not to forget the relationship you’ve made in the past years. You, as a person, should have a will to keep that dearly despite having trials that can put pressure on your relationship. Picking a ring like a promise ring is not about the designs and its engravings, rather its value and the vow that’s behind it.

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