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Occasions and reasons for sending thoughtful flower bouquets

Ancient poets and authors gave immense importance to flowers. For them, flowers could express every thought that a human being failed to articulate in words. Additionally, flowers could also touch the human heart and soul in invisible ways. The very sight of a flower elevates one’s mood. Red roses can transmit energies of beauty, love, and compassion. Over the years, flowers have been used to both gift someone on weddings anniversaries, birthdays, even if you want to wish someone “good luck on your test“. and also to decorate home, office, churches, malls and the like. And with the emergence of online florists today, you have the chance to send thoughtful flower bouquets to your dear and loved ones.

Flowers and thoughtful occasions

There are several situations where we can make the other person feel good with a beautiful thought. It could be that your friend wants to come out of depression and is taking therapy. You can encourage her by writing a thoughtful note. If you add in a white rose and orchid bouquet with your letter, you can make your friend feel special and motivated with this small gesture. And thanks to the online service providers, today have the option to send flowers for every thoughtful occasion. As you browse online, you can select from the multiple options available.

Occasions and moments where you can customize a thoughtful bouquet online and have it delivered are many. Few are discussed as follows:

  1. Loss of a loved one

It is very tough to cope up with a never-ending sadness when you lose a loved one. Nothing can take away that loss. And there’s no respite in trying to escape that feeling of eternal loss. However, a thoughtful message can help you cope up better and give you the courage to move on gradually. So, if you know some who has lost a dear family member or an acquaintance, you can pay a visit with a lily bouquet. Lilies are known to possess an innate healing power that soothes and calms a sad heart. Also, the gesture of giving a lily bouquet with a thoughtful note helps the person to gain courage and confidence and move ahead in life.

In some cultures, lilies are the symbol of renewal and soul transformation. It is perfect when you want to share your condolences with someone you hold dear. Today, you can browse online and select a lily basket bouquet and have it delivered to the concerned address within an affordable cost.

  1. Moments of sympathy

Other than personal family member losses, there are times when you feel sympathetic towards a friend or a loved one. Maybe your friend’s pet is ailing, or he/she is trying to adjust to a new city or country. Any situation where someone you know is working hard to make both ends meet needs little but of love and comfort. Not every time can you be with your friend. Sometimes, you can send in all your love and sympathy to the person by sending a white rose and orchid bouquet. When you browse online, you will find bouquets for similar situations under the “sympathy” section. Browse and customize the bouquet based on your choice.

  1. Sending hope and courage

We don’t choose our darkest hours! And sometimes, a crisis occurs in a somewhat unwarranted manner. It could be anything from theft to financial loss. It could also be the loss of a pet. So, if you know of someone who presently needs a fresh flow of hope, optimism, and courage, you can send him/her the best of the bright color flower bouquets such as yellow rose, orange rose, bluebells, carnations, and begonia. Bright and vibrant colors can enliven anyone’s mood. You can also add in other gift options here like attractive cookies and candles. And if you add in a note from your end to your friend, it will touch his/her heart. You can check the flowers that stand for hope and courage and then customize the bouquets.

  1. Sending a congratulations bouquet

Sometimes we need to put in some thought while sending our best wishes and compliments for good news. Whether your friend received the long due promotion or your sister delivered a baby, you can move beyond sending the generic flower bouquets. Red and yellow roses are overused today. There are other beautiful bouquets too that you can use while congratulating someone. The different choices include a mix of seasonal white flowers in combination with begonia. You could also have a combination bouquet of chrysanthemum and white roses. Sometimes, lilies and white roses are the perfect combinations when you are congratulating your friend who’s just become a new parent. You can add in thoughtful gifts too with your bouquet! It could be a red velvet cake, a photo frame, a fruit basket and the like. Browse the websites extensively and make your choice.

How to plan for a thoughtful flower bouquet?

Planning for a thoughtful flower bouquet has a lot to with knowing the person concerned and the situation he/she is presently dealing with. Once you’ve done that, you need to learn about the flowers that are apt for the situation at hand. For instance, bright colored flowers are the best choice when it comes to sending hope, faith, and courage to your loved ones. Similarly, white color flowers seem to transmit peace and calm. And flowers with violet and blue color are perfect for any creative inspiration. Once you are aware of the flower and their meanings you can place an online order. You can ask the service provider to time the delivery accordingly so that it is befitting the occasion or purpose.

A pretty looking flower bouquet can make anyone feel good and hopeful about life. When you add in your words to it, there’s a personal touch. It is something that your loved one will cherish forever. And depending on the situation, you can add in other items, such as candles, fruit baskets, wish making bottles and many more. The online florists are continually experimenting with ways to make their services better. Everyone wants to impress their customers to earn brand loyalty. So, if you’re going to send a thoughtful flower bouquet, you can count on the online brands and select the best deal for you.

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