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When An Invasion Is Not An Invasion … to Leftists


Leading leftist reporters like Jim Acosta and Shep Smith on Fox are all saying the caravan is not an invasion.  Well, what else do you call rock throwing migrants rushing the border in the thousands waving Honduran flags?

“But your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls and so on,” Mr. Acosta said recently said to President Trump. “They’re not going to be doing that … They’re hundreds of miles away … That’s not an invasion.”

Flash ahead less than three weeks and whamo! — an actual invasion as so-called “migrants” clashed with U.S. Border Patrol guards at the San Ysidro port, throwing rocks and, yes, trying to climb over fences and walls “and so on.”

migrant-hordesYes, as the president predicted (and feared), thousands of migrants from the caravan gathered in the city of Tijuana, Mexico, and then stormed the border, overwhelming border guards, who were forced to fire tear gas to disperse the violent mob.

As the left savaged the president and his administration for firing tear gas at violent rock-throwing men, some  reporters recalled when President Obama did exactly the same thing to stem border “invasions.” His administration did it at least every month also.

“A group of about 100 people trying to illegally cross the border Sunday near the San Ysidro port of entry threw rocks and bottles at U.S. Border Patrol agents, who responded by using pepper spray and other means to force the crowd back into Mexico, federal officials said,” The San Diego Tribune reported — on Nov. 25, 2013.

Back in 2010, under then President Obama, the use of 2-chlorobenzylidene or CS (another form of tear gas) was deployed 26-times – the same combination was again used in 2012 and 2013 approximately 27-times.

According to CBP officials, Obama also regularly used pepper spray (another chemical agent) over 151 times at the border in 2013.

Worse still (for liberals, anyway) is the fact that few of the thousands of men who have amassed on the border are applying for asylum, as Democrats (and Mr. Acosta) contended they were planning to do when they finally reached America.

The mayor of Tijuana said he was having a hard time filling jobs at his factories and warehouses and offered the migrants jobs and free housing, but they turned it down. They just want our goodies here. They know they will get free housing free education, free healthcare and government money. Next time you see a film of the migrants notice how they all look so clean and well dressed. Who is dressing them and feeding them if they are walking through desert and dust covered lands?

“What I saw on the border yesterday was not people walking up to Border Patrol agents and asking to claim asylum,” San Diego Sector Border Control chief patrol agent Rodney Scott said on CNN. “Matter of fact, one of the groups I watched, one of the groups that several of them were arrested, they passed 10 or 15 marked Border Patrol units … numerous uniformed personnel, as they were chanting, waving a Honduran flag, and throwing rocks at the agents.

“If they were truly asylum seekers, they would have just walked up with their hands up and surrendered. And that did not take place,” he said. But according to people like Jim Acosta and Shepherd Smith, this is not an invasion.

Libs are complaining that women and children were gassed. The migrants are mostly all young men. They are using the women and children as human shields putting them up front.

Now after last week’s teargas incursion migrants are turning back. MSNBC journalist Gadi Schwartz, reporting from Tijuana in Mexico, says migrants are turning around and going back to their home country after realizing entry into the U.S. isn’t as ‘easy’ as they were told it would be.

migrants gpoing back to Honduras

Schwartz indicates that many of the men heard tales in Honduras that it would be easy to cross the southern border, and that work programs were available. Yes programs are available, but you have to come in legally and benefits must be earned. You don’t just walk in and say “here I am, now give me everything.”

Schwartz then walked cameramen over to a tent that had been set up for individuals who “want to go back to Honduras or Guatemala, or El Salvador.”

The reporter noted that events on Sunday – when Border Patrol fired off tear gas canisters at violent migrants who tried to breach the border and attacked U.S. personnel – may have been the catalyst that propelled them to turn back. “They have realized that it is very difficult to get into the United States,” Schwartz explained, “especially after what happened on Sunday, some of them are deciding to turn back.”

It has to be so difficult for MSNBC to admit President Trump just might know what he’s doing when it comes to securing the nation and stopping lawlessness at the border.

Have you noticed that since Trump came out and said he was running for President, he has come out and made what some, even at times some of his supporters thought were “wild exaggerations”, then within a week or so it happens, and he is proven right time after time? And I have yet to notice a single time when the Lame Stream Media acknowledged when Trump was proven right. This admission by MSNBC is a rarity.

Check out Ray Stevens’ excellent satire on illegal immigration done several years ago in 2010, but even more true today.

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