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The U.S. Crime Scene – Ten Murder Stories Every Aspiring Attorney Should Know

Law and order brings stability to our society. But crime exists simultaneously. And the job of our legal system and attorneys is to ensure that crimes reduce in frequency. The U.S crime scene is much like any other place in the world. From thefts, burglary to murders, there’s been everything one can name. But if you are an aspiring attorney in Denver and you want to learn more about the U.S crime scene, it’s essential that you stay aware into the top murder stories in the U.S.

There are far too many murders to keep in mind. However, here are the ten top U.S murder stories that you should know.

  1. The Killer Clown Murder Story

John Wayne Gacy was an entertaining clown in children parties back in 1972. He was called “Pogo the Clown.” Gacy got accused of rape and murder. He is said to have killed 33 young men, mostly teenagers. When Robert Piest, a 15-year-old teen vanished back in 1978, the police started to track down Gacy. He had a place under his residence that was gruesome. His house had twenty dead bodies of young men, one in the garage and a couple of more by the Des Plaines River. Gacy got finally executed in 1994 by using lethal injection.

  1. The criminal acts of Aaron Hernandez

He got arrested in 2013 for the murder of Odin Llyod, his acquaintance. Records highlight that Llyod was in love with the sister, of Aaron’s fiancée, who got shot dead close to his residence on June 17th, 2013. After getting arrested for these two-murder case, Aaron Hernandez was also found guilty of two other murders in Boston. Hernandez finally committed suicide in a prison cell, back on April 19th, 2017 after he got acquitted for five days.

  1. The Son of Sam Murder Story

The U.S in 1970’s witnessed another serial killer named David Berkowitz. He was known for two nicknames, namely 44 Caliber Killer and Son of Sam. As a criminal, Berkowitz was strange! He wrote confession letters to the media and police. His criminal history started on a 1975 Christmas Eve where he murdered two women using a knife. Most DUI Denver attorneys study this murder story to understand the criminal mindset and psychology.

  1. The Grim Sleeper Murder Story

It took a decade for the L.A Police Department to resolve the murder mystery of 11 African-American women. The murders took place in south central L.A. The years when the crimes took place were 1985 and 2007. The term Grim Sleeper denotes a 14-year gap that the murderer took after which he killed three more women. The name of the criminal is Lonnie David Franklin Jr, who was found to be guilty way back on May 5th, 2016 and got sentenced to death.

  1. The crimes of Ted Bundy

He was one of the notorious criminals that the U.S witnessed in the 20th century. He was found guilty of killing 36 women. The crime bureau speculates that his murder ratio is even more. Ted Bundy was a graduate from the University of Washington. He used to trap women by faking injuries and had also escaped from custody in various instances. After several appeals, Bundy finally got executed in 1989 in an electric chair.

  1. The murders of Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson used to be a Bolingbrook, Ill. Policeman. He was on the headline in 2007, October when Stacey Peterson, his wife suddenly disappeared. She wasn’t his first wife to die. His third wife was dead after she had filed a divorce. As the police got on with the case of Stacey Peterson, they re-opened his third wife’s case and found him guilty of the murders. Drew Peterson got finally sentenced to 38 years of jail time.

  1. The Zodiac Killer

It is a puzzling account. This criminal has been attacking North California back in the latter half of the 1960’s. The strange criminal story included a letter series, sent to three newspapers in California. In most of these letters, a man who didn’t reveal his murders confessed to specific crimes. There was a bizarre threat that came with these messages. The man wrote if his letters didn’t get published he would keep on with his murder crimes. The notes continued till 1974. Finally, a man who revealed himself as the Zodiac Killer accepted 37 murders. The police have been able to authenticate only seven killings of which five led to death. This case is unresolved till date.

  1. The McStay Family Murder Case

Back in 2010, February 4th, Joseph McStay along with his family had disappeared entirely. They left the Fallbrook, Calif residence keeping their pets outside without any water and food. After over three years, back in November 2013, the dead bodies of McStay and his wife and two children were discovered in a desert at Victorville. The next year the police had arrested Chase Merritt, McStay’s business partner founding him guilty of the murders.

  1. The Plainfield Ghoul Murder Case

Plainfield was the resting ground for a somewhat unnoticed farmed who turned into a handyman. His name is Ed Gein. However, his rural farmhouse was the place of severe crimes. Post his parent’s demise in 1940’s, Ed Gein had distanced himself and was obsessed with death, cannibalism, sexual fantasies and dismemberment. He started taking away corpses from the local cemeteries and went on to kill older women. It was happening in 1954.

Upon investigation, the crime bureau found dead bodies and separated body parts in his house. Reports suggest that 15 women, unfortunately, became Plainfield Ghoul victim. First Gein got admitted to the state hospital. He died in 1984 because of cancer.

  1. The story of Steve and Carrie Turner

Back in 2015, Steven and Carrie Turner’s dead body got found in Landmark Resort. These two people had been shot dead. After three days, Alexander, i.e., Turner’s son and Chelsi Griffin his girlfriend got arrested. They were found to be guilty of murdering the couple.

The U.S is home to several dangerous murder mysteries. It’s not a pleasant experience recounting these perilous occurrences. But aspiring attorneys in the U.S can read these murder cases so that they can understand the criminal mindset better. Reading the ten murder stories in the U.S discussed above is an excellent place to start.

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