The Liberal Idea Of Self-Identity And Tribalism Is Inherently And Intentionally Divisive

When a member of an identifiable group states that they and their side are better than other sides, or when they claim that the members of their group are more abused than other groups because of their race or their sex, they are on the way to separating themselves and their clan from the rest of America.

But division and negative feelings between fellow Americans is exactly what Democrats need in order to remain in power. They promise each and all sides a piece of the power-pie if they will vote for Democrat candidates. The latest appeal is to the Honduran caravan now perched just south of San Diego. Democrats need these people in order to beef up their voting base, but in appealing to this group (after having paid millions of dollars supporting the trek north through the length of Mexico) they are causing enormous angst within the population of the United States, which is a benefit to Democrats who only want to divide and conquer.

We are now seeing the unexpected and surprising anger from the citizens of Tijuana, Mexico as this band of invading Central Americans halt in this besieged city, waiting for and demanding entry to America. The Mexicans don’t want them, Americans don’t want them, but the Democrat party is desperate for them to enter California and become part of the sanctuary mess that is already destroying the left coast, because they need the tribal vote coming from Central America as they welcome this new group of dependants among all the other special interest groups already in place and vying for government goodies, and against the more established American population.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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