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The Left Denies Real, True “Nature” For Their Artificial Self-Identity

No matter what crock of malarkey the self-identity political left wants us to believe, each one of us, as individuals, has two and only two parents, a male and a female, and all of the other self-identity sexual choices area a bunch of radical, leftist, self-identity crap.

Leftists wring their hands and moan about their allegedly poisoned, impure and unnatural environmental surroundings, their polluted water, their artificial food, pesticides and GMO products, but they ignore the essence of Nature by elevating and celebrating same-sex, non-sex or other-sex persuasions, which are unable to reproduce themselves. They are also unable to see what is right before their eyes in the male/female makeup of creation, which is the basis of continuing life on earth, and the only way a species can reproduce itself.

Is there a leftist out there who was conceived by two men or two women? No! Reproduction requires a male/female union or there can be no new life created.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that“.

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