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The Caravan Busts Tijuana

One would think that the citizens of Tijuana, Mexico were firm Trump supporters from the statements they are making about the newly arrived Honduran caravan invaders, ultimately bound for the United States. The caravan members are stalled at the border awaiting entry into California, which illegal entry a liberal, American judge has determined is not only legal and proper, but mandatory for anyone who wants to enter America and bask in it’s quickly evaporating social and financial pleasures.

Cries of “it’s an invasion” and demands by Tijuana citizens that its mayor get the bums out are frequently heard, which are the kind of statements and attitude that American liberals refer to as racist sentiments, are now being heard from the mouths of other Hispanics living in Mexico, which is exactly what President Trump has been saying about the caravan all along. The liberal American press just blew Trump’s sentiments off and called him a racist, but it’s a little more difficult to call Mexicans racists when they want relief from an invasion by other Hispanics. Hopefully, since the Tijuanans are expressing the same sentiments about the Central American caravan invaders that President Trump has been saying all along, maybe more attention will be directed at the situation at the border and perhaps some real, honest thinking will be coming from the American press. But don’t hold your breath.

Americans, and Tijuanans as well, can be thankful that Donald Trump is in office and opposes the destruction and the ongoing attack on our southern border. If these people are allowed to enter America, then entire populations of nations south of the border will empty as they flock north to the United States. This idiocy of allowing anyone in who claims to be a victim of something, somewhere, must stop.

The mayor of Tijuana wants the caravan members to go home and the city is being overwhelmed by the mass of invading Hondurans now packed into it. They violently forced their way into Mexico and injured numerous police officers in that conflict, they are forcing themselves on the citizens of Tijuana, who are opposed to the crime and the filth the caravan has brought with it, and it’s a foregone conclusion they will cause trouble once they are in America and the sanctuary fools throw up a protective barrier around them.

Given the violence they have already practiced by forcing their way into Mexico, why does the liberal sanctuary-government of California think these people will act differently and more pleasantly when they finally gain access to California? They’ll just be bringing violence, disease and a demand for Democrat-promised goodies with them, and the tax-payers will be on the hook to pay for these invaders.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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