A Definitive Guide to SEO Growth and Success for Financial Websites

The Concluding Factors Marking Search Quality Rating Guidelines – Outlined as a map of sorts, the determining factors that mark the search quality rating guidelines were designed to assist raters with ranking the pages based on quality on the search engine results page. For instance, if a user searches for the best mutual funds investments, the search engine should highlight and proffer the most helpful content related to the search phrase.

The evaluators or the content quality raters rank pages based on the guidelines laid out by Google while determining the auto filtration performance of Google’s algorithm on low-quality content at the same time. Google has listed the most critical factors considered when analyzing the pages to evaluate main content quality, page intent and purpose, and the total number of content pieces. The most crucial quality ranking factors are expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness. In order to analyze these factors, the quality raters must check the following:

  • The main content creators and their qualification and experience.

  • The legitimacy of the representing site and the author. often using tools like what is my IP to check location

  • The content updates frequency and maintenance of the information.

  • The authority of the author or website highlighting and discussing various topics.

For content quality raters, it becomes more important than ever to pay more heed to financial pages. As far as Google is concerned about the financial pages, it considers them as YMYL pages, which means Your Money Your Life pages. In other terms, the content present on these sites are more likely to influence the quality of someone’s life. YMYL pages cover online shopping, news, banking, legal, medical and financial websites. Hence, if you are managing an SEO or content marketing for a financial business, make sure that you understand the Google’s guidelines that search engine bots follow while analyzing your content. To know more click visit – Kotton Grammer Media.

With that being said, here is some of the content superiority improving exclusive tips that will drive the evaluators to rank your page better on the search engine page results.

Focus With a Clear Purpose and Publish

Having a clear purpose and delivering the content in that way makes it easy for both you and the evaluators who are working for Google to rank your page on the search engine. Take a professional approach while crafting website for your site. For instance, delve more into answering one question properly, making it specifically conclusive instead of answering ten questions at once in a poor and generic manner. For this, you should pay attention to the URL and ensure that the page is describing the exact content without leaving the readers guessing about it. Moreover, when it comes to delivering high-quality content, place yourself in the shoes of the reader and touch on the concerns by addressing their needs and wants. You can also take out some time conducting a market research and learn about the pain points of your targeted audiences.

Provide Trustworthy Data

Google does not want your site to serve as an end source for everything that is related to the financial niche, but it wants its evaluators to acknowledge that the information you are using is trustworthy enough to support your claims. This is more crucial than ever when you are making an argument regarding a certain topic where it becomes necessary to provide trustworthy sources to support it. Therefore, be extra careful while scouting quality sources and then be clear about what your sources are.

Confer Readers with an Out

This has all to do about with the welfare of the readers who are reading the financial information provided by you. It goes without saying that financial information can be complicated at times and making certain financial decisions are extremely personal. Hence, provide your readers with an out to discuss their decision with someone and showcase contact details, following the guidelines laid out by GDPR regarding the transmission of their information.


Administering SEO for a financial website is tricky, but it can be streamlined if you put the right approach and tactics in place. Stay compliant to the aforementioned guidelines and rank your page better on the SERPs.

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