Opinion: Bombs Were Sent by a Democrat

Our idiotic press, which of course includes Democrats, are all a-twitter at the bombs that were sent to top level Democrats yesterday and today, but I have a position that differs from the conclusions of the Swamp set.

For two years we have been told how awful Trump is, while the only thing he’s done is make Americans more wealthy and more secure. For two years we’ve been treated to constant verbiage of how violent Republicans are, but no violent acts of Republicans have been recorded. Instead, all of the violence and the hateful talk has been from Democrats: From Hillary (she has condemned being civil to Republicans). The DNC: (at Hillary’s direct command the DNC hired union members and unemployed men to beat and harass Trump and his followers). Eric Holder: (when Republicans go low, we kick them). Maxine Waters: (get in the faces of Republicans everywhere). The Bernie Sanders supporter who tried to kill Republicans playing baseball and seriously wounded several of them. The general Democrat philosophy has been to harass Republicans in restaurants and at airports. So with no Republican violence to report and time getting short to the mid-term elections, the Democrats had some lackey send the bombs to Democrat officials in order to get something to blame on Trump and his followers.

One fool Democrat on Tucker Carlson’s program last Thursday night even laid into President Trump for not telling Republicans to not be violent. The main thing wrong with this foolish statement is that Trump’s followers were not committing violence, so they needed no lecture from anyone; and the second thing is that conservatives don’t need to be told not to act illegally and violently, they just naturally obey laws. But even with all of the violent actions of Democrats since Trump was elected, no Democrat leader has ever told the Democrat mob to halt the violence.

So with everything going against Democrats, they had to do something to offset the notion that only they were the only ones behaving violently, so they sent the bombs. But notice that none of the bombs exploded, and you can draw only one conclusion from this fact: It was a Democrat because they really didn’t want their leaders to be bombed, they only wanted to be able to attack Republicans and the president. And it was a Democrat because of the poor workmanship and the poor quality of labor assembling the bombs.

This desperate act on the part of some unknown Democrat reminds us of the statement of Nancy Pelosi last Thursday. She was railing against Trump and said that any effort Democrats took to regain power was good and that “collateral damage” was acceptable in the leftist drive for power. So, per our Nancy, any person who is attacked and hurt by a Democrat is worth the pain and suffering, as long as Democrats win. This was quite a telling statement coming from a premier Democrat leader, and you can bet she means it.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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