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Tammy Bruce: Three questions the FBI MUST ask Blasey Ford next week

Fox News commentator and New York Times bestselling author Tammy Bruce has a few questions she thinks the FBI should ask Christine Blasey Ford when the FBI comes to talk to her next week.

“I would suggest FBI questions that might jog Dr Ford’s memory,” Bruce posted to Twitter.

1)Did you alert Leland to the danger she faced before you left her at a party where 2 men had just tried to rape you?
2)Did you try to get her to leave?
3)Did you call her that night to see if she got home safely?

Ford’s testimony left more questions than answers and to avoid perjury, she may decide to avoid answering any questions to which her written statement doesn’t supply an answer.

Other questions should include:

  1. You said that there was no television or music on downstairs – why didn’t anyone come to see what was going on upstairs with the radio cranked, your initial scream and Mark Judge jumping around like a kangaroo?
  2. Why haven’t you given the Senate Judiciary Committee the same records you gave to the Washington Post?
  3. How far from the country club was the house where the party was held?
  4. Had you been in that house before the party and have you ever been to it since?
  5. Were you dating anyone in the summer of 1982? If so, who? If so, why wasn’t he at the party? (could set up a perjury trap)
  6. To Leland Keyser: Ford admits she ditched you at that party, isn’t that something you’d remember?
  7. To Keyser: Did you and Ford go to a lot of parties with boys you didn’t know?
  8. To Keyser: When Ford went to parties, were you usually, always or rarely with her?
  9. To Keyser: Was Ford dating anyone in the summer of 1982? Did he usually go to parties with you two? (this is the other half of a possible perjury trap)

Do you have some questions you’d like the FBI to ask? Add them in the comments below!

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    1. Good question how did you know there was a bathroom upstairs and not just downstairs. How well did you know this home had you been in it before?

  1. How did you get there?
    How did you get home?
    Why isn’t there someone who can verify your story?

  2. 1) Ford never told Leyland about the alleged assault
    2) Who purchased alcohol?
    3) where were adult in this house?
    4) did she like Kavanaugh? (Ford) ever date him
    5) was Ford ever at any other functions or gatherings with Kavanaugh

  3. 1. Do you have a book deal or a movie deal?

    2. How often did you drink with males and how often?

    3. Since you have no idea when this alleged complaint happened, how many males did you have sex with in 1981-1982 and 1983?

  4. Are you currently on medication prescribed for you?

    Have you ever been under hypnosis by anyone either as a part of therapy or other event ?

  5. How did you usually get to the country club for your frequent swimming?
    Why did you not change out of your wet bathing suit? Are there not locker rooms to change in? How often do you go to parties in a wet bathing suit? Where did your parents think you were that day?
    When did you first meet Kavanaugh and how many times had you ever seen him before the date of alleged assault?
    Was that the first beer you ever had? What was your weight at the time (BAC related).
    Did you know that Mark Judge worked at that supermarket? Why did you look directly at him and say hello, studying his reaction. You felt he was embarrassed, but said nothing about your physical reaction. How did you feel? (I would think that one would be in a blind panic and immediately turn away and leave.)

  6. As a PHD in Psychology

    1. Have you ever participated or been referred as an expert witness in Sexual Assault Crimes investigation or Court proceeding?
    2. Have you ever undergone (PTSD) therapy or Performed any type of therapy for Sexual Assault for anyone?
    3. Why did you go to the Washington Post?
    4. What is your relationship with Google?
    5. Is there a video/audio recording or your Polygraph Exam? If yes who has it?

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