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In Spite Of Resistance,Trump Keeps Making America Great Again!!!


As President Trump continues to deliver peace and prosperity for the first time since September 11, 2001, the increasingly hysterical, outraged, and desperate Resistance could not stop jumping pounding on him especially politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris and Hillary and Obama all criticize him constantly while offering nothing constructive in return. Through it all Trump remains unfazed and undeterred.

While Trump continues to make the kind of sound decisions that (among many other things) have turned around our economy, put two superb justices on the Supreme Court (Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation seems secure), reigns in Putin and North Korea, and have all but wiped out ISIS, all these sore losers, grifters, and left-wing liars have to attack him with is his unorthodox management style.

What they do not want you focused on, especially with the midterm elections weeks away, are the unprecedented results of Trump’s “chaotic” management style, results that have lowered black and Hispanic unemployment to record levels, brought manufacturing back to the Rust Belt, and made the endless War on Terror feel like a bad memory.

Briterbart News presented a list of nine occasions the Resistance tried and failed at their attempts to portray Trump as incapable of doing the job and not up to task as Trump racked up a successful confirmation hearing for Kavanaugh and the kind of economic news the media assured us was no longer possible.

  1. Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

Al SharptonStevie Wonder, and others used the occasion of a funeral — a funeral! — to trash Trump while peacocking as our moral and intellectual superiors, but they did so in the company of credibly accused rapist and perjurer Bill Clinton and rabid racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.Oh, and after singer Ariana Grande was hit with a Taco Bell joke, she was groped.

2. John McCain’s Funeral

There they were, all of America’s fading media and political elite, hectoring and lecturingthe rest of us about how awful it is to divide people, about how crude Trump is… And these classless rubes did this at a church funeral.

But this happened only after John McCain himself used his own funeral to create a mean-girl invite list meant to fulfill his dying grudges with petty snubs — including Sarah Palin and a sitting president. But we are supposed to believe Trump is the childish and mean-spirited one.

(At her father’s funeral Meghan McCaine took a swipe at Trump saying America always was great. I’m sorry Meghan but under Obama 93 million people were out of  the workforce,50 million were on welfare,45 million on food stamps, companies were moving out of here to other countries in droves, unemployment was high and our military was reduced to pre-WW11status, Our friends became enemies and enemies became friends, Obama gave 150 billion to  the No,1 states sponsor of terrorism and another 1.5 billion for release of the hostages all in cash flown in the dead of night. I don’t consider that as being great.)

3. Bob Woodward’s Latest Book

Again, another shallow attack on Trump’s management style, and one with no allegations of wrongdoing. What we have here is just another grift, another chapter in the long con, another attempt to concoct a national crisis over something as stupid and shallow as palace intrigue.

4. Dirty Cop Robert Mueller

George Papadopoulos, a former low-low-low-low level Trump campaign hanger-on, the man we are told is the key to the media’s collapsing Russian Collusion Hoax, will serve 14 days in prison for lying to authorities. In the meantime, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper are allowed to run free and wild, even though a credible case can be made that all committed perjury. Papadopolous is such a snorer, the far-left CNN scheduled an “exclusive” interview with him for late on a Friday night.

5. The Return of Lying Crybaby Barack Obama

America’s lecturer-in-chief returned to the campaign trail Friday to lie about Trump and have a tantrum over the fact he is not receiving credit for Trump’s many successes.

Obama actually claimed Trump did not condemn the Nazis and racists at Charlottesville, although he clearly did so on at least two occasions. (Trump also deported a living Nazi who was here for decades that Obama knew about and did nothing about it.)

Obama also tried to gaslight us into believing Trump’s roaring economy had nothing to do with Trump, even though Trump is accomplishing things Obama said were only possible with a magic wand.

Then Obama lied about his treatment of the media, with the claim he never went as far as Trump. The truth, however, is Obama went much, much further. While Trump criticizes and mocks the media, Obama  weaponized the Department of Justice to spy on, intimidate, and declare the media unindicted co-conspirators. Naturally, proven liars and conspiracy theorists, like CNN’s Brian Stelter, still swooned over and used fake news to cover up for their Precious Barry.

(Only 750 people showed up for Obama’s rally compared to the 8-10 thousand that show up for Trump’s rallies. In Obama’s speech there were some clever and cutting lines about Trump being divisive, but to appreciate them you had to forget Obama’s eight years in the Oval Office. Those without amnesia will recall that polls said Americans thought the nation was more divided when he left than when he started, including along racial lines.)

  1. Anonymous New York TimesOp-Ed Confirms Deep State

Some un-American narcissist published a column in the far-left New York Times to brag that he and a dark cabal of unelected, unaccountable Deep Staters are actively working to sabotage a duly elected president’s agenda. But again, there are no allegations of wrongdoing on Trump’s part, just phony hand-wringing over his management style. At first, the corrupt media cheered this brave whistleblower, until they realized he had just confirmed everything Trump and his supporters have said about the existence of the Deep State’s festering Swamp.

7. Chuck Todd Compares Media Critics to Segregationists

In a bitter and meandering op-ed for the far-left Atlantic, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd declared war on media critics, especially those working at Fox News whom he claims are responsible for getting Trump elected and the media’s unprecedented integrity and trust problems.

Todd also compared media critics to southern segregations, which is fake news because all of those segregationists were Democrats, just like Chuck Todd.

Nowhere did Todd suggest that maybe-possibly-perhaps other things were contributing to the media’s credibility problems — like countless fake news scandals, op-eds like the one Todd just wrote, and his own employer, the left-wing NBC, which covered up TWO credible rape allegations against powerful Democrats.

8. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) Goes the Full-George Costanza

The highlight of the Democrat Party’s norm-busting, pathetic, and disgusting attempts to stop the Judicial Committee hearings for Trump’s insanely qualified Supreme Court nominee was, without a doubt, Sen. Booker’s ridiculous “Spartacus” moment — which ended up being more of a George Costanza moment.

At first, Sen. Shameless Liar claimed he was “Spartacus” for risking his Senate career to make public a couple of confidential documents. Turned out it was all a hoax. The documents had already been approved for public release, and Spartacus knew it. Booker also acted like he was Perry Mason, running into chambers with the smoking gun to save the day to defeat the eeeevil Kavanaugh, when all Booker held were nothing burgers. This incompetent boob wants to be president?

9. Bill Maher Victim-Blamer

On his Friday night HBO show, far-left comedian Bill Maher ignored the half-dozen or so Democrat women who claim they were groped by disgraced former Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) to smear as a liar the one woman who actually has a photo of Franken groping her — Leann Tweeden.

Maher wants Franken to run against Trump in 2020.

Meanwhile, in the real world, in the world outside of this manufactured bubble where Trump’s management style means he is not “fit to be president,” we are out here enjoying real wage growth, real job growth, real peace, and real prosperity. And the only thing we find unsettling and worthy of the word “crisis” is this increasingly desperate and dishonest attempt to overturn a presidential election because a bunch of losers can’t deal with a duly elected president’s style.

Just look at this list of Trump accomplishments so far, more than any other president in history

Lower taxes.
Two outstanding SCOTUS appointments.
Record number of Appeals Court appointees.
Embassy moved to Jerusalem.
Roaring  economy. 4% growth was impossible, now it isn’t.
Record breaking employment.  Minorities can work again which shows Trump is no racist. After all, would a racist create the lowest black unemployment ever?   Or the lowest Hispanic unemployment ever?  Or  the lowest female unemployment in 65 years?  Or the lowest youth unemployment in 50 years?  Everyone is doing great in the Trump economy — especially all the groups Trump supposedly hates.

Iran hoax agreement nullified.
Paris hoax agreement nullified.
Pro-American trade agreements negotiated.
Korean War Hero remains returned from North Korea.
NATO allies finally agree to pay up.
Obamacare neutered.
Afghanistan casualties- Obama’s US annual peak was 499. Now 1 a month.
Illegals curtailed.
US now leads the world in energy production.
Wall started.
Refugees nearly reduced to zero.
Crippling regulations discarded.
Trillions of corporate dollars repatriated.
EPA neutered.
much more

It’s a tsunami of winning…..for starters. The liberal/Marxist legacy of hate has been stopped in its tracks for now anyway.


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