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Brett Kavanaugh’s legal defense fund needs your help

Brett Kavanaugh and Ashley Kavanaugh and daughters

Brett Kavanaugh may become the least wealthy Supreme Court justice in recent memory so he needs us to help pay for the massive legal fees he will encounter due to the false allegations of sexual misconduct being shepherded by members of the Democrat party.

To that end, I have started a gofundme campaign to help pay for the Kavanaugh family’s legal expenses.

This is the first time I have done one of these, but I can promise you one thing – 100% of all money that goes into that account will go to the Kavanaughs. All of it. Every single dollar. Unlike others, I am a public figure and use my real name. As a journalist, I would not destroy my own reputation for a quick buck.

I have contacted the law firm of Wilkinson, Walsh and Eskovitz of which Brett’s attorney, Beth Wilkinson is a partner. I will turn over, and ask them to certify as such, 100% of the money donated to that goFundme account.

Help the Kavanaugh family, donate to the goFundme and we’ll help the best jurist in recent memory get confirmed to the highest court in the land.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Rich, I have sent an SOS out to all on my contact list, vouching for your page. there are several funds alredy set up….We can do this…help out Kavanaugh and Save Our Sovereignty a toofur

  2. If you’re 100% sure the charges are false, which means you have proof, you’re in touch with the FBI, right?

    1. MS, This was a Constitutionally designed “hearing” only with no ‘criminal ‘ offenses charged or evidence required…..a question and answer and a ‘trial of public opinion where viewers were the ‘jury’ left to decide only if Kavanaugh is or is not suited to serve on the Supreme Court.

      This is an OPINION article….We all have our own opinions and while we often differ it isn’t necessary to declare a right or wrong…..just respect others as we want others to respect ours.

      Since you read this page I’m sure we share a common goal for our Country….we can travel different paths and still reach it……

      Looking forward to your ideas and thoughts…

  3. Hope others contribute and support Brett Kavanaugh. He has been badly abused by the Democrats and deserves our help.

    1. Do you even realize that attorneys are part of a huge network? They make money on the backs of orginary citizens? That Brett Kavanaugh is rich?

      1. While I can’t tell if you misspelled oregano, original or origami, I thought you might like to know that Kavanaugh is a federal circuit judge, not a private sector lawyer. But, you fashion that however you need to in order to get your Antifa buddies all excited. It doesn’t seem to take very much and logic is never what does it.

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