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26 Protesters Interrupt Brett Kavanaugh Hearing in First 30 Minutes

Obnoxious protesters erupted during 26 times the first 30 minutes of the Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

As originally reported by Breitbart, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa.) during his opening remarks said that over 70 protesters in the audience were arrested on Tuesday, but allowed that the protestors had a right to freedom of speech.

“Today will be different,” he said.

However, the protests continued as at least 26 protesters disrupted the first 30 minutes of the hearing proceedings by screaming their dissatisfaction with the Kavanaugh’s nomination.

“PBS NewsHour correspondent, Lisa Desjardins, who was present for the hearing, tracked the volume of protesters on Twitter,” reports Breitbart.

“Our courts are broken,” shouted one white-bearded protestor. One protester repeatedly shouted “Mother Earth, Mother Earth!” Another shouted “Sham president!” and another yelled “No Trump puppet. No Trump puppet.”

According to Breitbart, the volume of protesters appeared to irritate even the Democrats as Sen. Dianne Feinstein apologized to Kavanaugh.

“I’m sorry about the circumstances, but we’ll get through it,” she said.

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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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  1. I’m really concerned that the democrats would take a nonpolitical appointment and attemp to make it such. Then attempt to crush the nominee with political paid corrupt protests. Sounds like a tyrannical party to me. No wonder they want ALL guns banned.

  2. Consider the source…..VOTE THEM OUT start with organizers Pelosi and Schummer A number of the “committie are up for re-election….help pull the plug …drain the swamp VOTE

    Guy, you are alone with that thought… wonder DC has a no carry law
    FYI the protesters were ‘paid’ according to reports….so what’s new

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