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Why the Left is Out to Destroy Trump

When Mueller first started his investigation it was to see any interference by Russia in the election. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself right then and there. The investigation showed no signs of collusion, but did show signs that they tried to interfere in the campaign, but not the election itself. There is a difference. That didn’t stop Mueller as he continued with his investigation looking for a crime.

Make no mistake, this special prosecutor is going after Trump hard. Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election may have been his original mandate — pretext might be a better word — but its goal now is obviously to implicate Trump in criminal wrongdoing.

Why is Mueller going after Trump so viciously?  Because they are all afraid that Trump will eventually open his “chest full of secrets”.  Things we don’t know yet and it would probably destroy both parties just as the Vatican is being destroyed by all the secrets that are coming out about the Priests.  That has been going on for a very long time also. This is what’s known as The Deep State working behind the scenes of government controlling us all. Many of our honored politicians have been doing criminal and unethical things that if known to the people would destroy our faith in our leaders once and for all.  It could open the door to an Overthrow of our Constitution and our form of Government for a long time.  Things were going good for these criminals for a long, long time and many foreign country leaders were in on it too. I think Hillary and Obama were all in on this cabal to make our country into a socialistic/communist state.

The Democrats have always played dirty. They lie and cheat to win elections (but never seem to get caught!) and they fight tooth and nail against legislation demanding voter ID.  They don’t give a crap for illegals, but they want them here in order to get their votes since many blacks have finally realized the DNC has just been using them. And along came Trump exposing all their dirty deeds along with exposing The Deep State and with Hillary losing all this corruption coming out now would never have come out. Now, with blacks increasing their support for Trump in record numbers, their plans went into the bucket and it set them back probably 50 years.  Now they have to start over again.  The sooner Trump is out, the faster they can re-.build their evil plan. It has nothing to do with the way he speaks, or they don’t like him because he has yellow hair and diddled other women.  HE HAS SINGLE HANDEDLY TRIPPED UP THEIR PLAN.  And that is the reason they want him out. They will use our young people, foreigners, legal and illegal and of course the crazy academics. They try to convince these people that we are too stupid and primitive to see the real picture.  Thank God for the people in this country who believe in a higher power than themselves…namely God.  We have a higher guideline and we are stronger because of it.

Recently it was Chuck Todd who said that Paul Ryan should take the reigns and get the Judiciary Committee to start the impeachment process with Republicans leading the way and made this impassioned plea for Republicans to start the impeachment process.

Trump has done nothing thus far rising to the level of impeachment, not to mention the absurdity of thinking Republicans would lead the charge in impeaching their own party’s elected leader.

But an impeachment remains highly unlikely in a Republican-controlled Congress — unless Republicans join in. That scenario, ridiculous as it is, was promoted in all seriousness by NBC’s Chuck Todd. Astonished, Fox News anchor Bret Baier had to remind Todd of reality. “That’s not going to happen,” Baier said.

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said evidence wasn’t there showing that President Donald Trump “committed crimes and impeachable offenses.”

Dershowitz said, “I fully understand why so many people want, hope that President Trump has committed crimes and impeachable offenses, but the evidence isn’t there. The president or a candidate is entitled to contribute anything he wants to his own campaign. The only issue here is whether or not there was a failure to report the contribution. That was to the treasurer of the campaign and not to the president and conspiracy is a very big stretch.”

Democrats hate Dershowitz now. They figure he was supposed to lie for them. They have Cohen for that now.

Democrats have nothing to offer. No new ideas. The biggest thing they talk about all the time is nationalized healthcare. Otherwise it’s Russia, Russia, Russia when it is they who are the real Russian colluders thru Hillary or Stormy, Stormy, Stormy and now impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. They believe if they shout these things loud enough and long enough everyone will start to believe them.

The dems and media are trying to show that Trump violated the law by using campaign funds to pay off those two women, but he didn’t use campaign funds and as Dershowitz pointed out he did nothing illegal. Meanwhile it was Hillary who violated the law many times over with her e-mails that document the purchase of that “dossier” with campaign funds “laundered” through a law firm as “legal expenses”. By Mueller not investigating her crimes he loses all credibility. The media’s silence on this Democrat criminality is deafening.


Meanwhile, the media is all aghast at the fact that the Manafort and Cohen situations haven’t affected Trump’s numbers in the polls and the market and Nasdaq are at record highs. Registered Democrats who support President Donald Trump told CNN its coverage of the president’s administration is a “sideshow” and that they are glad to see the stock market rise and their retirement savings increase.

This is what people are really interested in. They just want to put food on the table, have a good working job, more money in their pockets, lower taxes and an upswing economy all of which is happening under Trump. They don’t care about Cohen or Manafort or Russia or Stormy or any of that political nonsense and that’s what really matters.


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Jim Clayton

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