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FoxNews.com single-handedly beat the entire CNN Brand

FoxNews.com beat out the entire ecosystem of CNN digital media for the first time ever, according to just-released ratings data.

FOXNews.com outperformed CNN Brand in total number of page views, according to July 2018 comScore data, delivering 1.5 billion multi-platform views over CNN Brand’s 1.4 billion views.

For those not in the media biz, FOXNews.com tracks only pageviews to the FoxNews.com domain. It does not include visits to FoxBusiness.com or their social media pages.

“CNN Brand” is a tracker that counts views to CNN.com, CNN Money, CNN politics, and their social media presence.

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Basically, FoxNews.com, a single website, beat out the entire CNN ecosystem all by itself, but that’s not the only entity in the digital space taking a beating from FNC.

Up 21 percent year-over-year in multi-platform total page views, FOXNews.com also beat NewYorkTimes.com for the seventh consecutive month and the WashingtonPost.com for the 11th consecutive month in total page views by 457 million and 887 million, respectively. Furthermore, FOXNews.com also ranked third overall in unique visitors, ahead of NewYorkTimes.com, WashingtonPost.com and CBSNews.com, as a top online news destination with 89.5 million unique users in July, placing just behind CNN Brand and CNN.com. Unique users were up 9 percent over the same period last year.

Fox News Digital managing director Joanne Po said that they have been working hard to improve for some time and aren’t slowing down.

“All of these investments—our investment in people, in training, in technology—are all now bearing fruit,” she told TV Newser’s A.J. Katz in a July interview. “We are thrilled to be chipping away. We were never competitive, and now we are. I think we are giving our competitors a run for their money, so to speak. This wasn’t the case 18 months ago.”

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The results speak for themselves:

FOXNEWS.COM VS. CNN BRAND & CNN.COM (MM = million minutes)

Page Views

  • FOXNews.com – 1,455 (MM)
  • CNN Brand – 1,427 (MM)
  • CNN.com – 1,219 (MM)

Total Minutes

  • FOXNews.com – 2,741 (MM)
  • CNN Brand – 2,479 (MM)
  • CNN.com – 2,250 (MM)

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