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Where is Jeff Sessions??Paging Jeff Sessions!


The greatest most important political story in history is unfolding right before our eyes and the media is ignoring it because it deals with their precious savior Hillary Clinton who they are protecting unmercifully. They would rather go after Trump than have a country that is successful and respected once again. The heads of the CIA, FBI, National Intelligence and Hillary herself all colluded to stop Trump in many illegal ways, even fixing the election so she would win and she still lost.

The title of Greg Jarrett’s (Fox News legal analyst and contributor) latest book out this week sums it up perfectly, “The Russia Hoax. The Plan to Exonerate Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is nowhere to be found and back on the hot seat. Sessions was called out for his behavior and non-involvement in the Russia investigation.

And no one could believe who accused Sessions of not doing his job. Fox News host Sean Hannity who tore into Sessions for his inexcusable behavior in the Russia investigation.

First, Sessions recused himself. That led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel. Now Sessions has refused to hold FBI and DOJ officials who authorized the spying on the Trump campaign accountable.

Breitbart reports:

Your federal government has been using opposition research to spy on a political campaign,” Hannity stated. “This should rock the soul of every American in the country.”Hannity said the dossier, full of “Russian lies,” was opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton.

“This is what happens in banana republics,” he later added.

Hannity went on to call on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to do his job.

“Jeff Sessions, where are you tonight? Your nation needs you to do your job tonight,” he said.

SeanHannity 2

President Trump has repeatedly ripped Sessions on social media for his recusal and refusal to prosecute obvious criminal wrongdoing committed by Hillary Clinton, James Comey and others. But Hannity – who is a key Trump confidante – criticizing Sessions on TV sends a signal that once the Mueller investigation is over, Trump may fire Sessions.

President Trump is looking into revoking the security clearances of several top Obama-era intelligence and law enforcement officials, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday, accusing them of having “politicized” or “monetized” their public service.

Sanders said Trump is also looking into the clearances for other former officials and Trump critics, including former FBI Director James Comey; former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe; former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper; former National Security Adviser Susan Rice and former CIA Director Michael Hayden (who also worked under President George W. Bush).


Sanders said Trump is “exploring mechanisms” to remove the security clearances “because [the former officials] politicized and in some cases actually monetized their public service and their security clearances in making baseless accusations of improper contact with Russia.”

However, McCabe spokesperson Melissa Schwartz said his security clearance had already been deactivated when he was fired.

“Andrew McCabe’s security clearance was deactivated when he was terminated, according to what we were told was FBI policy. You would think the White House would check with the FBI before trying to throw shiny objects to the press corps…,” Schwartz tweeted Monday.

Benjamin Wittes, a friend of Comey’s, tweeted Monday afternoon that he texted the former FBI director, who told him he doesn’t have a security clearance to revoke. However, clearances can remain automatically “active” for several years after an official departs government service.

Late Monday, Nick Shapiro, a former CIA Deputy Chief of Staff under Brennan, said: “John Brennan hasn’t made one penny off of his clearance.” Late Monday, Nick Shapiro, a former CIA Deputy Chief of Staff under Brennan, said: “Not one thing Brennan has done in remuneration since leaving the government has been contingent on him having a security clearance..

While President Trump is considering revoking the security clearance of several former Obama officials, one big name didn’t make the list: Hillary Clinton.

Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump is considering revoking the security clearances of former CIA Director John Brennan; Comey; former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper; former Director of National Security Michael Haden; former National Security Adviser Susan Rice; and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Those former officials have criticized Trump, yet Clinton — the president’s 2016 rival — was not included on the list.

“Frankly, I was shocked that Hillary, the chief culprit, was omitted,” retired Col. James Williamson told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Williamson, who was in special operations for 30 years and has held a top-level security since 1982, is president of OPSEC, a nonpartisan organization representing retired special forces and intelligence community officials.

“There is more than ample evidence that Hillary Clinton committed, whether its gross negligence, or, as [former FBI Director James] Comey would like to say, extreme carelessness,” Williamson told TheDCNF. “Just from the documented evidence, there was enough to prosecute. If there’s evidence to prosecute, then there’s certainly grounds to pull somebody’s clearance.”

In addition to the evidence that Clinton mishandled classified information, one lawsuit alleges Clinton’s campaign laundered money in violation of campaign finance laws.

Trump is working tirelessly on improving the country bringing it back from the disasters of Obama. The economy is soaring, unemployment for women, blacks and Hispanics is the lowest in history ,he  is building up our military and gaining respect  from countries around the world again, Trump is a very caring, empathetic and compassionate man and listens to what people are saying ,but you wouldn’t know that by the destroy Trump biased media. All they print are scandals, and ‘get Trump’, and propaganda-fed attempts to overturn the election.

Sean Hannity so eloquently put it on his show the other night saying,“Trump could cure cancer and give every citizen 10 million dollars and they would still hate him.”

The liberals can’t stand the fact that Trump has-
1. Ended ISIS
2. Ended the Korean War after 68 years.
3. Lowered the unemployment do to the lowest level since 2000.
4. Stabilized the Mexican border so that unskilled wages have gone up 30%. Labor is an economic commodity and when there is a surplus of people who will work for nothing and the employer won’t have to pay withholding, the wages go way down.
5. Is working to stabilize world trade..
6. Trying to get foreign countries to pay their share of UN membership.

Hillary sacrificed our country for her personal wealth, President Trump sacrificed his wealth for our country. Which one do you trust?


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