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Tucker: Rage has finally consumed Progressives

“Progressives have always been angry,” but “a year and a half into the Trump administration rage has finally consumed them,” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said on his Monday show:

“Progressives have always been angry indignation is their favorite emotion but a year and a half into the Trump administration rage has finally consumed them.”

Carlson further accused the left of “spinning completely out of control”, referencing fringe figures who called for abolishing border enforcement which he argues has now become a mainstream view in the Democratic party:

“The left is spinning completely out of control, Just two weeks ago only a few fringe figures called for abolishing border enforcement now that’s a mainstream view in the Democratic party.”

Carlson cited two high profile Democrats who are thinking strongly about running for president that seemed to have recently accepted this position on border enforcement.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren are thinking strongly about running for president. They don’t take positions lightly. If they are calling for the end of national borders, and that’s exactly what they’re calling for, they think their party is with them and they may be right.”

Carlson further commented on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling her a “self-identified Democratic socialist,” and that she “is definitely with them.” Carlson also explained what it actually means to be a Democratic Socialist:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is definitely with them. She’s the soon to be Congresswoman from New Yorks 14th district. She’s a self-identified Democratic socialist. What does that mean exactly? Well, last week the New York Democratic Socialists of America issued a statement of their beliefs. Quote ‘abolish profit, abolish prisons, abolish cash bail, abolish borders, end quote.”

Carlson continued:

“Abolishing prisons? In a countrt with thousands of murderers every year, what would that look like? Well you probably wouldn’t stick arund to find out. You’d be long gone. Along with every other normal productive person in what was once America.”


Tucker further stated the left is embracing extremism right now where progressive mobs threaten public figures:

“Only the left is embracing extremism right now. Proggesive mobs threaten public figures progressive leaders cheer them on.”



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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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