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Herman Cain: Democratic Party ‘Has A Leadership And Messaging Crisis’

“The Democratic party has a leadership and messaging crisis,” Fox News contributor and former presidential candidate Herman Cain said Sunday.

Appearing on Fox and Friends Weekend, Cain discussed former President Obama’s recent suggestions to the Democratic party warning them “not to wait for the perfect message,” and that they ‘have a right to be concerned.’ Cain argued that Democrats are “facing a leadership and messaging crisis,” Cain added that it is in part due to President Obama and his appeasement:

“The Democratic party has a leadership and messaging crisis and it’s in part due to President Obama because he led from a position of just being in the position and appeasement.”

Cain further stated that Democrats don’t have a leader right now, what they have is just a lot of voices making lots of noise and that they are resorting to the same political rhetoric to try scare people and make them angry.

“So he’s right the Democrats shouldn’t be waiting for a perfect message they have a message crisis so they shouldn’t be waiting for the perfect leader they don’t have a leader right now they have a lot of voices making a lot of noise and resorting to the same political rhetoric to try and scare people and make people angry.”

Cain further discussed the statement by Obama in 2009 where he famously said: “elections have consequences and at the end of the day I won.” Cain said:

“Your right it does have consequences except now we are seeing a lot of positive consequences of this election by electing this president.”

Cain further commented on the Obama administration and their lack of overall success:
“The only result the administration could hang it’s hat on, along with the Democrats, was forcing the unaffordable care act down our throats, nearly all of the other metrics under his administration for 8 years stalled starting with GDP growth rate.”

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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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  1. RED WAVE COMING….2018….!! Dem party is split…! Dems will suffer huge losses in November….MAGA…!!

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