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Unpredictability: Winning Trump Style!

trump afghanistan speech

During the presidential campaign, Trump said, “We are going to win so much you will be begging me to stop winning.’” Well, Trump has kept his promises and we are winning left and right. :

1) Unemployment is at a 20 year low at 3.9% and the economy is roaring

2) Black unemployment is at an all-time low.

3) Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low.

4) Women’s unemployment is at an 18 year low.

5) He created over two million new jobs and companies are coming back here from overseas to build here which will create jobs.

6) He ended the Iran nuclear deal without having planeloads of cash in the dead of night.

7) He got Kim to release three American hostages in North Korea and got Kim to capitulate and come to the table in June. Kim also announced he is inviting western journalists to come to North Korea and watch him dismantle his nuclear facilities.

7) Because he lifted Obama’s restrictions on our soldiers we captured the 5 most wanted ISIS leaders.

8) Now today the U.S. embassy opened in Jerusalem after moving from Tel Aviv. Something his three predecessors said they would do and never did.

9) Trump also released an American from a Mexican jail that Obama refused to do.

These accomplishments were all within 15 months which is incredible. Trump has so far done more than the last three presidents combined.

When Trump tweeted calling Kim “little Rocket Man” and said “I have a nuclear button bigger than yours” the destroy Trump media went ballistic and said he was going to take us into WW III just like they said with Reagan. They act like they think we are completely defenseless. I think Trump knew all along what he was doing. He is a very sly and smart person who knows how to make a deal and manipulate the type of characters in rogue regimes like Kim. It is the art of the deal. He is a master negotiator and I can’t wait to see him sit down with Kim.

On Sunday, Robert Gates, the well-respected defense expert under Obama admitted that Trump’s tweets and strong words on North Korea may have played a crucial role in bringing on peaceful change.

“I think the president’s tough talk and the willingness of the Chinese and the Russians to agree to the toughest sanctions we’ve ever really applied to North Korea certainly increased the pressure on the North Koreans to come to the table,” Gates said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

If you listen to the left-leaning media, Trump is unhinged and chaotic, perhaps even mentally ill. But Gates believes Trump’s “unpredictability” may have been an advantage in getting Kim to come sit at the peace table.

“I think that the unpredictability in terms of some of the tweets and some of the tough talk did get the attention of the North Koreans and the Chinese as well — in terms of fire and fury and so on,” he said.

In other words, when negotiating with thugs who understand and respect power, it’s useful to take a posture of strength and even unpredictability. Trump convinced everybody that he was willing to take the fight to Kim, and — who’d have guessed? — the Korean leader started believing it.

Not knowing what the U.S. would do next was a frightening prospect to North Korea, and when an alternative to a confrontation appeared, they took it. It was classic negotiation, Trump style.

Yes, the art of the deal in action. Of course, the fact that we have our two largest aircraft carriers off Kim’s coast and two of our best atomic submarines fully loaded off Kim’s coast that the media fails to mention helped also. Military might plus negotiation always works. Peace through strength. It’s what caused the Soviet Union to fall and Berlin Wall to come down under Reagan. It works every time.

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