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Congresswoman pushes the Border Wall Trust Fund Act – would you donate?

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) has submitted a bill that would allow the public to donate money to fund President Trump’s border wall.

H.R. 5876, The Border Wall Trust Act, doesn’t have official text submitted yet, but the purpose is clear from the small bit associated with the legislation:

To allow the Secretary of the Treasury to accept public donations to fund the construction of a barrier on the border between the United States and Mexico, and for other purposes.

“The most important job of the federal government is the safety and security of the American people, and if citizens in our country wish to contribute to this effort, they absolutely should be given the opportunity,” Rep. Black said in a statement. “Americans know that President Trump is committed to protecting our nation for future generations, and we are ready to stand with him to build the wall.”

The Congresswoman says that the bill is needed because Congress has failed to give the president the money he needs to secure the border with a wall, but if Republicans have been unable to get wall funding through Congress, it remains to be seen if this thing, which is basically a GoFundMe for border security, can pass.

“While Democrats block commonsense border security and put illegal immigrants before our families, we are going to put America first. Real immigration reform cannot be achieved without a secure border,” Black added.

Black is running for Tennessee Governor so the legislation may be little more than a P.R. stunt, but if it passes, would you donate?

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  1. I would gladly give all of the money I currently give to political candidates to this effort. In fact, what I would do is to take all donation requests from them, write in the amount that I am giving to the border wall and send it back to let them know what they missed out on.

    I would love it.

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