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McDonald’s Super Fan Set To Eat 30,000th Big Mac This Year



by Grabrielle Okun

A McDonald’s super fan might eat his 30,000th Big Mac this May, according to a report Thursday.

Retired prison guard Donald Gorske, 64, from Fond du Lac, Wis., might eat his 30,000th Big Mac in May after having scarfed down 29,110 Big Macs since May 17, 1972, according to KCBY. Gorske eats two Big Macs a day — 14 a week. He goes to McDonald’s every Monday to buy six and then every Thursday to buy another eight to eat over the course of the week. The Big Mac buff wolfs down the 530 calorie sandwich in roughly 16 bites.

“They’re my favorite food, and I never want them to not make them,” Gorske said. “Yeah, they’re very important to me,” he added. The Golden Arches ally has only missed eight days of eating thousands of Big Macs over 46 years. The Military Rd. McDonald’s even has a booth dedicated to Gorske.

Gorske also met his wife, Nancy, at McDonald’s and even proposed to her there. He said she has no problem with his hamburger eating habits as long as he does not get fat. He microwaves his Big Macs to last throughout the week. He even has “emergency” Macs in his freezer if he can’t get to a McDonald’s, News.com.au reported.

“For some reason, I never get sick, I just I’m lucky. My weight stays the same. I have a cholesterol of 160,” Gorske explained. He also noted he walks a lot and tries to keep moving.

May 2018 is also the 50th anniversary of the hamburger.

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One Comment

  1. Yeah well its hit and miss if you get a fresh Big Mac. I to love them, but you usually can’t a fresh one, without begging them to cook one up fresh. Imagine that, having to ask a Restaurant to cook fresh food???????

    When I was a Freshman in high school in 1972, (14) my mom gave me a $1 every day for lunch. I bought a Big Mac, fries and a soda (.79) every single school day, and with the change for those five days, I bought the same thing on Saturday.

    At that time, MacDonald’s had something to prove, they weren’t as big as they are today. MacDonald’s touted fast, fresh food, friendly service and change back from your dollar. Unfortunately, none of that has is true of MacDonald’s today.

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